Unicorn runs NEW personal best at TX2K!! | TX2K19 Day 3

We’ve crossed the halfway point of the 20th anniversary of TX2K, but there is still so much ahead of us! Day 3 was filled with Crazy passes, Personal BEST’s, and the usage of more VHT than we’ll see again all year (that is until we see Jason Miller again for World Cup Finals in November)! Many racers ended up shattering their hopes and dreams all over the track as they tried to reel in faster and faster times while taking advantage of the -DA here at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, Teaxs. Trying to find the right balance between Jason Miller’s famous track prep and the crazy cool temps may have lead to a lot of broken parts, but it made from some BADASS passes. Especially for 1320Video’s very own Kyle Loftis as he finally was able to not only sneak an exhibition pass in, but was able to crack open a fresh personal best in the Unicorn C5! Stay tuned for more daily highlights and make sure to check out our social media’s for even more updates!

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  1. @9:05 Fred sez nobody counts first gen LT-1's ? What's wrong with 7,500 RPM Redline ? near 400 HP with a single 750 double pumper ! Now someone with an old school Z-28 is gonna take Fred for the ride he would never expect.
    hell for that matter a 302 DZ (8,900 RPM's ) motor is just as sweet.

  2. CEO’s Supra is absolutely killer. 100. Sleeper AF. Clean. Subtle. And a drag week survivor. Very cool. Hell of an achievement imo.

  3. Just my personal opinion… There are WAY TOO MANY GTR's racing. They need to limit them down. Half the day yesterday was cleaning up after one would break and leak fluids every other race.

  4. Loving the videos 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻 I learned that white corvettes are not common ✌️ congratulations on your best time on unicorn corvette 🎉🔥

  5. Love the 4.great ls mustang…dude needs to show Cleetus a thing or two!!!😂😂😂
    "Didn't gap the rings, didn't look at the bearings"
    Savage asf

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