AC-130J Gunship – From Maintenance to Live-Fire Training [Exterior & Interior View]

AH-64D Apache Pre-Flight Maintenance

A Look Inside the M1 Abrams – POV of Tank Crewman [Training]

Preparing AH-64 Apaches for Aerial Gunnery Exercise

“Helicopter-Transformer” MV-22 Osprey Unfolds its Wings • Highlights

M60A1 Armored Vehicle Landing Bridge – Preparing & Launching a 60ft(18m) Bridge

Inside the Leopard 2A4 – Gunnery Exercise

The Scale of Armored Unit – Aerial Drone Footage

Helmet Cam Video of Swedish Soldiers During Intense Military Training

De-Icing of Aircraft Before Takeoff

1,500hp M1 Assault Breacher in Work

Mk-19 Grenade Launcher at Sea

U.S. Army M119A3 Howitzers Direct Fire Practice Exercise

With Ease! Loading CH-47 Chinook into C-5M Super Galaxy

Marines Practicing w/ the M32A1 & M203 Granade Launchers

AN/TWQ-1 Avenger in Action – Short-Range Air Defense System

AH-64 Apache Gunship – Aerial Gunnery Training

F-22 Raptor in All Its Beauty

Direct Fire Training. M777, M109A6 Paladin, M119A3 in “Sniper Mode”

U.S. Marines Clear the Area with Intense Live Fire • Exercise Koolendong, Australia

B-1 Lancer Heavy Munitions Loading

Gunship in Action! AC-130W Stinger Firing Its 30mm GAU-23/A & 105mm M102 at Training Range

Inside the B-52H Stratofortress – Cockpit View & Refueling

EXCLUSIVE! Lithuanian Army Vilkas (Boxer) IFV in Action • Demonstration