Weaponizing the Vehicle Fleet

What would happen if someone hacked into your vehicle and took it over while you were driving? Or worse, someone hacked into several vehicles and took them over? They could quite possibly make those vehicles do just about whatever they wanted.

In this video I explore this prospect, as well as other possible scenarios, where the vehicle fleet gets hacked into by nefarious people.

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  1. My default was 480p put it to 1080 wow your video quality is amazing especially looking back at the bleached hair days. Also valid concerns lithium batteries can also explode when over charged. Interesting.

  2. World population is growing so quickly and our cities are so congested, pollution in the air is getting thick, they will ban petrol/diesel vehicals and rely on technology to move the masses.

  3. Cheerful thoughts to start our week. All too true though. If we just apply a new technology because it is a "great idea", we always run the risk of having it turned against us. If we don't learn from past mistakes, we are more than likely to repeat them.

  4. Transportation is just the beginning.The breakthroughs in artificial intelligence in the next little while will change our world as much as the industrial age economy from agriculture based economy .

  5. Hacking in to modern cars isn't something that new really. It happens quite often here in the Netherlands. Over 2 years ago a student of the University of Utrecht invented a portable computer device with VAG software, only by hacking into his own VW remote key. With this portable device he could open en control over 150 types of VAG cars! From VW up!'s up to Bentley's and Lambo's! Also the police here advices people not to put there key around outside walls of your house. Because thief's with this portable device, can receive the signal off your key and use it to start you car with there remote. Very scary indeed. But I own a 26 year old Rover Mini. I could start that thing with an screwdriver no problem….
    So I don't know which times are better…..

  6. You are right to be cynical. In Britain the authorities are promoting so called "Smart" meters for utilities such as electricity. It's been mooted that they could be used to selectively disconnect users to conserve supplies in times of excess demand, thereby allowing the authorities to decide who gets power and who will be powerless. The benign examples they give are hospitals and clinics obviously, but they always put forward such sacred cows when seeking more power over the population. The same applies to cashless payment systems. If you ever found yourself on the wrong side of a rogue government, they could close you down at the press of a button.
    Stay cynical and resist.

  7. Something I thought about was about the charger hack is OVER charging the cars battery and making it start on fire & in turn starting the house or garage on fire!?

  8. Problem relies always in the same spot, conectivity. Vehices, fridges, microwaves, are starting to get and more connectec. Reason for this, besides human lazyness, is stupidity. Vehicles, as any other appliances, should be prepared as being totally deaf, besides the command to open doors and so on, and even that particular command, may be an entry point. Teslas for example, in a 150k€ car, they used a cheap 40bit fob, any tesla can be opened in a matter of seconds.. and stolen to oblivion. I've hacked a few cars and (id)iot's appliances, they are quite easy, with only knowledge in mind, I don't do it for malicious purposes (Yes, I've opened a Tesla, a merc, a bimmer, a renault, all vey recent and drove them away). Another big problem, and that should be addressed fast, basic car systems, cannot be commanded by electronics, monitored yes, but never controlled, thus being, steering, braking and accelaration, some countries (like myne) have laws for this, all of this, must be connected via steel, steering can be assisted, but it's steel connected from the steering wheel straight to the steering rod, same with braking, accelaration, well for years it's by wire. However, some manufaturers, are managing to turn those laws down and make their "by wire" systems come into the market. BTW, does anyone knows why remotely hijacking an airliner controls is almost impossible? Because they still use steel cables to drive the airplane surfaces 🙂 Manufacturers need to stop looking at their belly buttons and be aware that hijacking is possible, it's easy and may/will lead to disasters. At least make it harder… as key live replication is so easy and VIN decoding too. Why the vin is visible on the windshield? It's a security flaw (a big gone).

  9. I have been thinking about this very thing since the first day I heard about autonomous or self driving cars. There isn't a system in the car that's safe. Locks only stop the honest if criminals want to hack any system they will find a way to do it. I agree these should be issues we address before they become a problem or a threat.

  10. When computers are controlling the throttle, steering, and brakes there should be a network kill switch. Remember how American cars used to have a headlight dimmer you could hit with your left foot? That would be a good place for it. If your car starts accelerating, tap that with the left foot and the brakes with your right.

  11. The idea of a car being connected to anything outside the direct connection of an obd/other diagnostic tool is just asking for real trouble, there is no security that's hacker proof!.

    A human must always be in full control of the vehicle, no computer intervention.
    Buyers would never be told about the danger of an external network connection to the car.
    Manufacturers need to stop playing with peoples lives.
    Just my honest opinion.

  12. When they started making keyless entry/start, that was the sign of problems to come. I'm surprised car thieves haven't used this to open and start a car. Or maybe they have…

  13. Eric . I've got a '04 Chevy venture and had the thermostat replaced
    (code -open thermostat situation) . They replaced it ,1week later it over heated and puked a bit of dexcool .. I've burped it twice .noticed it heats up to 3/4 hot (no heat at all when this occurs) then drops below normal temp. Any suggestions? Front heater core issue?

  14. Eric.. touching on this, the Word of God says that the day is coming, and likely soon, that if you want to buy, sell, or trade (this would include cars, and keeping them fueled and running, food, etc.) that you must have a certain "mark", maybe chip, in your hand or forehead. See Revelation chapter 13: v15-18. Taking this mark involves allegiance, honor, (worship) of this wicked system (a controlling man, the antichrist, and all of his rules). Note: Jesus Christ of the Bible is the only Way, the Truth, and the Life (eternal), as His death in our place and His resurrection offer to us all total forgiveness of our sin, and a promise of eternity with Him. (See John 3:16) Your life depends on this, now and forever. Trust (depend) on Jesus, and Him alone, for He alone is the "rock" who never changes in our lives, and troubling times.

  15. It's not being pessimistic, bringing all that up, it's being realistic. Security should be the main concern when dealing with a computerized vehicle, but we all know what's going to happen. Cutting corners saves time and money in the short term, and it's always about maximizing your profits, so corners are going to be cut, particularly on security, because you can't see it, and it's not (yet) a deciding factor in most car buyers' minds, so some clueless higher up decides that it's simpler to have the one default key for everyone, or some government mandated backdoor is put in place (because that's also a possibility) and then shit happens.
    So, yeah, it would be smart to think of ways to secure a computerized car properly, so that car makers can implement them retroactively, when their first batch of automated cars inevitably gets hacked.

  16. I wish you would answer your own question in these videos. Fine to ask the audience to leave their thoughts but we also came here to hear your thoughts.

  17. The problem is auto-manufacturers (GM especially) are taking a security by obscurity approach. This is why it is still not possible to replace the ECM with and aftermarket on on the newest diesel trucks. This approach rarely works well, because the hidden bugs are normally found and become a vulnerability. This is why you have to wait forever every week on windows (closed source) updates to download and install, but Linux (open source) updates are fast, simple and often don't require a reboot. When the source code is open to everyone, then the bugs are found and quickly patched and made more secure. We need to adopt that approach with vehicle electronics.

  18. I remember when some spoke about the superiority of the diesel engine compared to gasoline just because the diesel does not need any electric components to stay running. And the ignition system of the petrol engine is such a risk when it comes to reliability. What would those people think about an electrc shelf driving vehicle? Weapon of mass desrtuction…

  19. You are dead on 100% correct. I never actually thought about this until you brought it up. Perhaps as many people watch your Channel it might start and awareness of these things.

  20. It's the problem in almost every industry nowadays: Computers are taking over, and nobody is a computer expert. Hell, car makers are really good at what they do, that is dropping an engine into a body, making a suspension and a drive system and make it work and be real safe. Now they add computers, which isn't their original expertise in the first place, and they start making their whole product depend on them more and more. The problem with that is, you don't see IT security, but it's a huge cost factor at the same time. You don't see it, because the car doesn't drive better or faster if it has a more secure computer system, so it can't be easily used as a selling point (most people are unaware of the dangers of insecure computer systems). The problem has been protruding in many industrial areas for a long time – even such vital things as factories, power plants or hospitals often are in a ridiculous IT security state, and they only get away with it because there hasn't been any attacks. Now that IT becomes more and more prevalent in all-day objects like cars, this is going to change. So now the companies all have to build up IT security knowledge fast, which is a huge cost factor they didn't calculate into their equations, and that makes it a problem.
    Hell, even Tesla, which is certainly the most "modern" car company in that regard, hasn't got their processes dialed in the right way, from a standpoint of IT systems engineering, as you can read in this thread: https://twitter.com/atomicthumbs/status/1032939617404645376
    So where will it lead us? Nobody knows, but it could become a problem, if the manufacturers don't get wise and use any resource they can in order to secure their stuff.

  21. Car thieves within the last few years have been stealing cars with keyless entry by using computer software to amplify the signal of the key to fool the car into unlocking the door. From there, the thieves use that same process to start the car and drive away.

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