Amanda Seales Explains Why She Was Kicked Out Of Black Emmy's Party

Da Baby with first ever number 1 album (00:10)
RIP Diahann Carroll (00:38)
Floyd Mayweather files protection order for daughter (01:24)
Amanda Seales Emmy’s Party (02:37)

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  1. Alot of people have a problem with Amanda because she speaks out when foulness is popping off. I know we've been trained to just push papers and work your 9-5 and try not to get in your bosses way but what if you have no boss!? Lol. The girl has really been working her own way since Kindergarten Cop. Ha! Now I will say this, based on the whole story from her podcast I ain't going to the party! Period. And Issa is not your friend, if they had an Insecure table at the party and I'm a recurring actor on it but I'm not invited? Naw son!

  2. Sounds entitled af. You made it sound like a race thing originally just because the person who detained you was white smh

  3. The problem with Amanda is that she’s her OWN worse enemy! There IS no denying that she’s SMART af, thinks critically (most times), and is well-spoken about the important issues. She’s also a great business woman. However, these very skills will contribute to her downfall! She’s so damn smart that she allows her own mind to weasel its way into believing that even when she’s wrong, she’s right (ex: the Myron situation, this party, etc). 😩 Amanda firmly believes that people shouldn’t have to reduce themselves (who/how they are) for people to accept you aka “I ain’t for everybody and everybody ain’t for me,” yet when people flip and use her exact, same logic on her, she flips a lid. She requires folks to take accountability for themselves, but accountability seems to be non-existent in her world. No doubt that this is going to hurt her personal life and business in the long run. Her own worse enemy!

  4. i can see why she has a beef with how it went down and i can also see why the beef is with her cuz if i know somebody dont like me and they was the runner of the party i dont give a fuk if all my friends cast members and the young black elite is there i wouldnt go …. But at the same time they didnt have to throw her out like she was a criminal … they OD on that ….

  5. Why they keep saying it’s Vanessa’s party?????? She didn’t pay outa her pocket for that ish! That’s her PR company’s money! Insecure had a table for the cast AT the party. It’s an industry event. NOT a wedding reception. Ridiculous.

  6. Seales is so whiny, annoying and clueless. With her personality, she would be an excellent addition to the Breakfast Club team! 😬

  7. RE: Seales – If one doesn't have a good relationship with the organizer of the event, why try TWICE to get in? Sit it out and think about how to positively relate to people so you don't wind up on their sh*t list.

  8. If you know venessa don't like you is it that unbelievable that you would not be welcome. It's not that deep

  9. Then she said no cast mates stood up for her, yet when someone answered why they didn't help her, she said for people to mind there business. You want to be saved or drown, which one?

  10. She didn’t like the fact that ol boy that play Dro said what he said, that “people shouldn’t comment on things they know nothing about” but she does it. Also maybe he does know something she don’t know or understand.
    He was specific in his comment like there have been discussions amongst certain people about her.

  11. So the person throwing the party doesn’t want you at their party and you get mad ? Amanda is truly delusional. Once your blackballed from black cinema, it’s a long way back.

  12. I thought women stuck together but I see y’all dragging this lady. Black Emmy’s party? I wonder what would happen if Whites threw a White Emmy’s party?

  13. She operates from a place of constant negativity, gets involved in things she doesn't need to be part of, & is always talking shit about other celebs. I agree, not everything needs to be said in public. Everyone sees the pattern but her

  14. Amanda Seales has so many positive traits sadly the overbearing personality throws people off. Shes in that hollywood space build bridges dont burn them.

  15. I Respect Amanda's Talent NO DOUBT. But Personally I Can't Stand Her. No One Came To Her Aid From The Cast Because They Can't Stand Her Either. Last Time She Was On the Breakfast She Had A New Man and He Left her Ass.

  16. Wow nobody is riding for Amanda in these comments? Why? she’s a very intelligent black women. Honestly everything else is irrelevant. I hope she Never reads these mean comments on a bad day, damn. I’ve seen murderers, gangbangers, drug dealers get more love than this. Well I like her 😬.

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