Ariana Grande Gets Defensive Over Mac Miller In New Interview

Juice Wrld gives up drugs on social media (00:12)
Ariana Grande on making ‘Thank You, Next’ album (00:48)
Ariana Grande on Mac Miller (01:48)
Rolling Loud announces New York and Hong Kong show dates(02:40)
Adrienne Bailon talks making a man cry after having sex (03:00)
Kristin Davis on white people adopting black kids (03:46)

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Ariana Grande Gets Defensive Over Mac Miller In New Interview

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  1. People do "fucking know" when you tweet about you personal life and thos ex of other people. It's like putting your garbage at the road… once you do it's fair game. How the hell you gonna tweet about your most personal of personal lives and then get upset when someone's responds?

  2. Call me stupid but I am black and if I could or wanted to adopt a child I wouldn't have a problem adopting a child of another race. I guess because I'm not racist. I don't know, I work with children and families and honestly I don't judge people's actions solely based off of the color of their skin. And also I am very close to people of many different races who I know for a fact love me and my kid and are some of the kindest people I have ever met and they've been in my life for years never been shady towards me always been real. Love should not be based on appearances. And Charlamagne didn't you just give Donkey of the day to a couple that sued a sperm clinic because the white wife delivered a black baby instead of a white one? They can't win lol can't want a black child can't not want a black child either smh.

  3. Ariana Grande acting like Mac was the love of her life when she left mac and jumped into an engagement months later. Thats why people are criticizing Ariana Grande its because of this sudden love for Mac now that he has passed when you were planning on getting married when he passed.

  4. I don't care what race you are, if a kid needs adoption, and they have a loving home to provide, then why not? We all know the rate of orphans or kids coming from marginalized homes in the black community is ALOT higher than any sub-ethnic group in America, and black people themselves not adopting kids. They would prefer have their own and then abandon them. My father, case in point. So why the snarky remarks about adopting black kids being a fad???

  5. Ariana made many mistakes she’s gonna have to live with forever and I feel bad for her cause she genuinely seems like a good person that’s been through some shit

  6. You know she won't be having these problems if she knew how to clean herself right men don't like women that smell like fish not only that she's a very depressed person drinking is not the best solution concentrate how to clean yourself right and no more fishy days

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