Dr. Gina Paige Shares The Breakfast Club’s African Ancestry Lab Results

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  1. This is so important. I wish America would pay for black Americans to get these done for free. I would totally do this to see if I’m 100% Kenyan 🇰🇪

  2. This interview has me thinking differently about every black person I see and wondering if somewhere down the line we are related via a particular tribe in Africa.

  3. You need to end every show, from now on, JUST like that Envy. And with that saaame energy, lol. This is the Breakfast Club "and I'm African!"

  4. what she said about the rice industry in America is true. I asked a Senagelese friend about the rice business. He said that the women are almost entirely involved in that business until today. The eastern seaboard of AMerica was completely based off of the rice industry and the women did most of the work! And those slaves were from West Africa…

  5. Man i KNEW envy had something to do with Guinea,for sure Charlamagne looks like he from the south of Senegal.Guys you are welcome at my house in Senegal anytimes you decide to visit

  6. All of these weirdos that don’t believe in DNA testing know damn well if it was about a baby or a crime that would keep them out of jail they’d be down with it ASAP! Y’all are too funny. 😂 And NO it’s not a different test before y’all eeem say it.

  7. “And in African!” If you are Dominican you are African!! Where you think folks came from to get it the Caribbean (indigenous people were already there and Europeans came but mostly mated with Africans. Ever been to Spain? That’s why many people from PR and DR and Cuba and other places look like they are from the South Side of Chicago. Visit Spain.

  8. “It wouldn’t say Dominican … it would go beyond that and say African”. How would someone (with a Jon on national radio) not know that people of the Caribbean, in particular those of African descent, are from African and aren’t “Dominican” or more ignorantly … “Spanish” which is a language and only nationality if you are from Spain. I love TBC but man I can’t stand the ignorance of our people across the diaspora when talking about roots heritage “race” nationality ethnicity etc. all those get conflated.

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