Have You Ever Seen A UFO or Encountered Aliens?

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  1. Lol at idiots thinking they’ve seen UFOs

    Charlamagne has many retarded stories, like seeing his action figure move & talk when he was a kid 🤣🤣

  2. It's nothing but humans ego that makes them think they're alone… Then one caller said he don't believe in nothing he's never seen… I can guarantee he has never seen air, but believes he can breathe!

  3. I like this conversation, people will look back at this and wonder how they could be so sleep. Charlemagne is right 💯 we are the least advanced life forms in the universe. But it’s not our fault, this world is controlled by negative entities. We’re waking up everyday

  4. I walk at night, recreationally and.. helps me sleep better. I've seen so many unexplainable things. The most memorable, it was a full moon..bright as hell. I seen this winged.. idk.. dragon.. looking thing fly across the moon plain as day, the wings were humongous. They flapped so gracefully The creature look black or dark gray. It looked like what science calls dinosaurs. Silent. No noise. It was obvious and shocking, the contrast against the bright moon. I have pretty good eyes.. it was very high…I watched.. teary eyed. Fear and shock. I stood their for like 3 minutes.. trying to rationalize my thoughts. Next thing was like a fire ball fly from the coast ( I'm in California).. make an abrupt turn.. then I swear..it's like it cut the fabric of existence and went into a slit in the sky.. I stood there again.. dumbfounded.
    From my experience.. ships and metallalic crafts are government.. it's real things out here unexplainable.

    Edit: I do not do drugs or drink..

  5. It's been a few years since I've actually seen a UFO and the actual being. I sleep with my light on and so does my mother. There's a lot of strange shit in Texas bruh!

  6. Sure have. Numerous times. No BS. My old apartment in Philly for some reason had a great view of an area that had a lot of ufo activity….im 1000% serious

  7. I was 11yr when I saw my first UFO 🛸, bright blue light in the sky at 1am I thought it was an airplane or satellite until it began to glow in a bright blue color and it took off into the sky/space

  8. funny thing is,alliens need not be physical although they are,just in a less denser vibrational construct.so nowadays the abduction by aliens is not physical but mostly spiritual/energetic.and it is only spiritual in this realm but physical in the level whicht it takes place.and i do not believe in them,i know for a fact that they exist.

  9. Stop lying to people. Their is no such thing as UFO,s or ALIENS!! Free Masons Start this shit. Y do u think this crap so popular in movies? Because they r not real!!! Our heavenly father is real and so is his son.love u all. Always remember these celebraties get paid to keep u dumb downed. Dont ever trust anyone that call themselves a God!!!

  10. Yes I've seen a UFO before. I saw a UFO when I was a teenager on a Sunday in August of 1992 in Oakland, California. I saw it, my mother saw it, my aunt saw it, my aunt's boyfriend saw it, and my cousin saw it also. It resembled and kind of looked like a part of a broken pencil lead, exactly the tip of it but curved down somewhat. It was there hovering not making any noise for about 20 minutes and then it disappeared into thin air. I never saw something like that again in person. Whatever these things are they are definitely for real make no mistake about it.

  11. Some are just such, at lower state of Consciousness knowledge.. it is impossible for them to believe.. "CHAR" you on top of it that's why you have the experiences that you have, because you are a being of faith and knowledge to know

  12. I need to watch that Netflix Doc on Area 51 because wow… did the government actually SAY that they were 'reverse engineering' UFOs or is that just what the caller is saying? If the government actually documented that they are 'reverse engineering' UFOs then they are basically admitting to having one in their possession. How do you reverse engineer something you don't have or haven't even seen? What process are you reversing exactly? Wow

  13. There is a US government agency that keeps track of UFO sightings. If UFOs don’t exist why don’t they also keep track of leprechauns, mermaids, fairies, dragons, and other shit that also doesn’t exist? 🤔

  14. I Know they exist, know one can prove that to others, There technology is so advanced they can shut us down like a remote control switçh turning off your memory so even if you saw something there's are only a few of us that sometimes retain some memory of the events. only if they wan't you to remember. they can appear to one person and another person in the same place may not see anything thus they are deemed crazy. they got us by the balls. we have never been alone, there is nothing new under the sun. the Egyptions were called Star Children, here is a Original Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4FlYmGBkTU&t=71s

  15. Man that shits been happening to me all my life. Weird, unexplained cuts all over my body. Sleep Paralysis – breaking out of it just as a Dark figures leaves the room. We think we have a firm grasp on how life works and our very being … But we don't. And we are a very primitive species. Look how we think down here on this planet.

  16. I hope advanced extraterrestrials wipe out all white supremacists! They'd show themselves to many black people around the world and say to us, we've seen you all's plight against those others(non blacks) whom mistreat you all and murder you all unjustly for their own glory. Then, they'd tell us that the white race isn't really from this world, and that they came down to the earth against our CREATOR'S will to mix themselves in with black DNA so that they can inherit the promise that our CREATOR has destined for us of dark brown melanoid descent! Then these extraterrestrials will teach us of black melanoid descent all the advance knowledge and societal laws they've been taught by our CREATOR! And in time, the earth the sky and the oceans will heal. And the black race will eventually morph into a new kind of man and woman. And the expiration date upon our lives will be lifted! And we will seed the lifeless planets in this galaxy and spread outwards. And every new world that is seeded with life from us will have it's own genesis story! AND LET US MAKE MANKIND IN OUR OWN IMAGE! And so, the circle of life and evolution will continue on, forever!

  17. Damn how long it takes before them dolls have kids and 2 aliens does exist if we have conscious then the universe carry something unmongs the imagination.

  18. Aliens are intelligent, loving; our star family! I think they are too busy exploring the infinite complexity of the universe their own creative potential to care about things that humans care about like conflict, etc, as a result of thinking we're alone/and not being at peace with ourselves . We're taught and its implicit that they may be evil or whatever but what if they were just cool? If they've been around for longer than us they may be more evolved as a species to need violence.

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