Hot97 Tweets Out ‘Pimp C Is On Stage’ During Summer Jam Concert

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  1. That's like sayin Biggie was at Coachella. 🤣 Lmfao. Hot 97 made more of a mistake than Steve Harvey did for Miss Universe. R.I.P. Pimp C and shoutout to UGK and my home state.

  2. Damn summer jam was that pathetic to pull a sick stunt like this? Sad and disrespectful to the culture!! Cancel Hot 97!!! Boycott those disgusting bitches 🚫🚫🚫 R.I.P. PIMP C 🎩

  3. Yo isn't Pimp C dead bruh? Hold up lemme watch the rest cause I'm like 99.99% sure bruh bruh is dead…

    Yep he's dead 😂 retarded muthafuckas forgot pimp c was dead

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