James Corden Reacts to Bill Maher's Fat Shaming Comments

Bill Maher comments on fat shaming (00:10)
James Corden responds to Bill Maher’s comments (00:54)
The Office Ladies reunites for a podcast (04:22)
Lil Wayne cancels tour appearance (04:40)
Tekashi69 safe in jail (05:29)
Sebastian Telfair out of prison (05:54)
‘Hustlers’ has a record breaking weekend (06:19)
Beyonce shut out at Creative Emmy’s (06:52)

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  1. OMG!!! Quit it with the Ralph Tresvant Sensitivity sh*t I'm a big dude and I never had a problem with my confidence or getting a woman (1 kid by my ex girl and 4 by my wife) Biggie got Faith Evans and Lily Kim before the rap money. So either hit a treadmill or develop thicker skin and learn how to bag back…This is a whimp culture were in today……

  2. I agree with Bill Maher, people are getting way too comfortable with issues they can solve because nowadays all you gotta do is hide behind liberal new favourite vocabulary Slat-Shaming Drug-Shaming Fat-Shaming and so on. James Corden just stop wining and go to the gym, look at how good Jimmt Kimmel looks these days, you can also be like that you fatso

  3. Genetics is a BS excuse by uneducated people, and people are uneducated because the one thing that should be taught in Biology classes in secondary school or at least in Physical ED is not taught – HOW. THE. LIVER. WORKS. I have this genetic excuses as its easy for me to get fat due to a genetically fatty liver. I'm not fat because I've learned what carbs are, how the body stores and processes fat, how carbs and insulin resistance force the body to put aside fats around your stomach instead of processing them, and I've learned to avoid carbs while keeping my metabolism as high as possible through eating shitloads of cheap salad and drinking shitloads of water which don't contribute to fat storage but do keep the metabolism running which is a cheat-code. Add physical activity to that and you are golden. The issue with fat people is lack of education, and the issue with lack of education is the god damn education system.

  4. Dont fat shame Charlamagne and you was quiet when they came up there saying we weren't natural women…. naw fam…. keep that same energy… address them like you address everybody else

  5. It's so simpel, and i've been fat 2 times in my life while the rest of my life i've been athletic and fit. I can get really upset whenever people try to normalize being fat, and promote that shit as been body positive about yourself. It's unhealthy and self destructive, just burn more energy than you take in, that's the only rule you have to follow for been in shape. If you can't do that, you probably have a mental issue. Get help with that and start living healthy. You have one life and don't waste it. I have problems myself to stay on weight and that's why I get up early and hike 12km each morning. It's no magic. Just action.. Sugar is a drug same a greasy food, the more you avoid it, the easier it gets.

  6. You have a choice. If you eat more because of what others say then you have to put on your big boy pants and get over it and either accept it or change it. Ive been fat too and i also had people making fun of me and then I looked in the mirror and saw why so I made the change. Stop looking for excuses to not better yourself

  7. "The majority of people in America are overweight do to overeating and lack of exercise"
    YES AND PEOPLE KNOW THIS. This idea that you just need to tell people that "hey you're fat it's unhealthy" thank you captain fucking obvious, constantly telling people they are fat and saying what are you gunna do about it, isn't the answer thats the issue

  8. First off, no one should ever be made fun of for how they look. Bullying is bullying period. that being said, Bill was in no way bullying anyone. When it comes to being an entrepreneur, or making something of yourself, I have heard so many people on this show talking about the values of pushing through adversity EVEN THOUGH ITS HARD (think of what people like Kevin Hart and others tend to praise). Never any arguments there. But now all of a sudden when it comes to being a normal healthy person and trying to lose weight for the sake of your own health, something being hard is used as an excuse to not act… hmmmm last I checked we should do the right thing for ourselves no matter how hard it is. Healthy produce is more accessible and cheaper than it has ever been in modern times, even in poor areas so if you're out here still just getting mcdoubles and fries, I'm sorry that's a choice. Even if you do eat shitty food, its possible to counteract the negative effects by going out and burning the calories! So were adding shitty eating habits to complete laziness and trying to say its "HARD" to lose weight. yeah that aint it.

  9. Since when is defending obesity the correct position to have? Also, being poor is no excuse. Being uneducated about nutrition is the biggest factor there, it's not expensive to eat healthy.

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