Jeffrey Epstein's Prison Guards Slept Through Their Job

Jimmy Fallon’s monologue from Wednesday, August 14.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s Prison Guards Slept Through Their Job



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  1. One ex CIA pundit hired by NBC to explain the Epstein “ suicide to us simple folks said “ their was no video footage because, there were too many inmates, and no doubt too expensive to put one in all the cells 🤣”. THE “CIA WANTS TO KILL YOU CELL”. Lol 😝. Nothing to see here folks ! Go back to sleep America, here’s Dancing with the stars ✨ ooohhh aaaahh

  2. Huh, I find what happened to Epstein to be somewhat fishy and I honestly can't believe that I thought Hickenlooper was actually a running candidate for the presidency!😂😂

  3. The fish were conveyed like they possess the fortitude of an extremophile, such as a tardigrade. Aren't there negative sanctions for improperly handling a commodity? (WTF)

  4. He got offed by the elite to cover up their tracks. If the prison guards haven't been fired/killed yet, they will be soon.

  5. He had a paper blanket that is impossible to hang yourself with. The guards probably let a few inmates have a go at him while they said they were asleep. Or the guards did it themselves. Too bad this arrogant pig won’t face his accusers. I guess he couldn’t pay his way out of this one. And wouldn’t we love to know who else was involved.

  6. These people are only rich and famous because we keep them that way. Turn your backs on all of them We DON'T need them. Let's boycott the whole lot of them and get back to our families for entertainment. I implore all you! Please! For the sake of our children 7 generations from now.

  7. They should’ve had some big gay convicts guarding that prison door that he left out of cuz he ain’t really dead

  8. How convenient, the prison guards decide to fall asleep during his suicide. This keeps getting better and better. And the next fall guy is…drumroll please.

  9. Well what's the difference? the Florida prosecutors back in 20 08 dropped the bal.l the CIA dropped the ball on Maxwell and Epstein and the rest.

    The fact that Epstein's guards were asleep par for the course and don't forget Trump hired Barr. Barr visited Epstein. Presto magic Epstein's dead. Don't forget Trump said years ago Epstein was a terrific guy so connect the dots Trump ordered Epstein snuffed. 3cheers from Canada

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