Jimmy Fallon Reveals the 2019 Doodle for Google National Winner

Jimmy sits down with Doodle for Google’s national winner, Arantza Peña Popo, who reveals the inspiration for her “When I grow up, I hope…”-themed entry as they debut the artwork for the first time.

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Jimmy Fallon Reveals the 2019 Doodle for Google National Winner



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  1. In my 30 years of teaching Kindergarten, a book I could never get through without crying, was "Love You Forever" by Robert Munich. The doodle captures the essence of that book. I cried when I watched this live on Monday

  2. Congratulations to a beautiful young woman whose intelligence, grace and spirit shines through. Her mother's courage, guidance and love helped this young woman reach her goal. Without parents, teacher's and committed family our children cannot succeed. Much success to mother and daughter and I know that Arantza will do well in her endeavors.

  3. I'm not criticizing her, but I think there is too much focus on winners and we ignore the vast majority of losers. This lottery mentality is part of the context that created the monster #PresidentTweety, the biggest, fakest lottery "winner" of them all.

  4. Precious Souls of GOD…A Good Day to Each of you!!!

    First, CONGRATULATIONS Arantza and Mom. Thank you Jimmy for making the choice. It's soooo…I cannot locate the words but I have read a LOT of the comments. Reading some of these comments causes me to think some of the commenters should have "considered before they clicked and pondered before they posted. I thank God I was raised up in a two parent home but the old school women in my life would tell us, "If you ain't got nothing nice to say; don't say it at all!"

    LORD GOD have mercy on the minds and
    hearts of the people. I can appreciate the simple words of adoration and congratulations, such as "amazing,well done, beautiful inside and out, great, Mom should be proud, Arantza will go far, etc" to say a few. However, making unnecessary and unbeneficial statements, "so does Myspace; how come they didn't select MORE winners, I wish they would have shown the runners up; doesn't she remind you of the lady from police academy or Lupita Nyongo; this is to show a fatherless home because they want to keep the traditional family broken up;(especially for black people); conspiracy theories (I do know are real), etc…" SERIOUSLY???What this got to do with this young lady who MOST of us don't know? This ain't got nothing to do with all of that negative and jealous stuff said. GOD show mercy!!!

    Arantza Pena Popo was chosen.This was simply about the LOVE between a Mother and Child!!!
    For all the negative commenters: If that is as far as your minds can travel it's time Let Go and Let GOD!!! Yes, racism still exists, Redlining still exist; Hispanics are still treated poorly; conspiracy theories are real; it's a lot of single parents homes in this nation and sooo many others (I am a Single Mama); child exploitation; child, adult and elderly abuse exist…These issues are important!!! Again, What does this (Arantza's win) have to do with that(negative and jealous words)??? A young lady who won a contest that may be of Black/African American and/ or Spanish descent; stirred up some people to negativity. Wow!!! Souls truly are searching and don't realize the GOD shaped void within this world WILL NEVER fill. Only Jesus!!!

    The LORD requires we ALL CARE for our own households FIRST!!! GOD is good and many of these SIN LADEN problems that are present in our world would be gone; if EVERYONE who has not acknowledged GOD; would Repent and ask forgiveness.JESUS still Saves and LOVES!!! He WILL Heal the Land (People) as it so DESPERATELY needs. A Nation is only as Good as it's: Homes because it's everyone's first line of defense is in the HOME. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE PRECIOUS SOULS OF GOD: "If you ain't got nothing nice to say; don't say it at all." God knows I'm praying for the Souls of Humanity!!! Goodbye!!!

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