Remy Ma Calls Out Joe Budden for Not Responding to Eminem Diss

The Rundown:
00:09 ► Remy Ma calls out Joe Budden
01:39 ► Yo! MTV Raps to relaunch internationally
02:39 ► Kayne West flips on reporter
03:39 ► Tinashe to be on Dancing with the Stars
04:26 ► Bow Wow reacts to Mac Miller’s death

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  1. In a battle Eminem is def more scared of remy then JOe.. Remy gives no fucks and I think would get at EM and make it competitive.. Wait, Joe should let remy be his "ghost" on his response track for the sake of hip hop! I bet Joe and remy have already talked about it especially after how she came at Joe just now

  2. Remy is real and really beautiful too. Keep her and Joe. That other chick needs to go and let jinx moderate. Please get rid of the other goofy chick

  3. Wasn’t nothing cute about a so called “black queen “ calling another black man pussy . You suppose to be role model now if someone talked to you like that you be ready to fight right ? None of these hood rats are queens . The only 2 female rapers that carry themselves like queens is Dej Loaf & Tink. Remy mad old and ugly now smh

  4. When Papoose dated Remy back in the day all our jaws dropped disapproving, years later she's mad hot , credit to Pap for noticing this diamond when we all saw a rock, if this couple divorces then I give up in love

  5. Joe budden knows he doesnt have a following. It's a popularity contest. Eminem already got killed but people still think he won or is "in the lead"😂

  6. Remy throw him under that bus lol, hey let's be real, Joe can say whatever he wants but when you say "i'm better than you" dude you need to prove it, there is no other way, the people is the one who will decided who is better.

  7. Im bout to be Remys new new lol jk. But i effin love her. When she was young and thin and mature n thick. Facts are i luv her more now. She is beautiful and real af. SEXXXY

  8. She's playing with Joe u lot are overhyping it not the first time Joe probs been asked that. He answered on his podcast.

  9. Joe is retired cut it tf out Em did an interview no response to MGK through barz both are active but Em bodied Joe when he said he retired ok bet

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