Romeo Santos Talks State of Dominican Republic,  Kissing Fans + Fatherhood

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  1. This people where not prepared at all for The biggest latin artist of the century they really ask why is MetLife stadium such a big deal? Lets see it hold 80,000+ people.!!! so let look at some stacks. Bon jovi been there 4 times brings 50,000 people each time jay z and beyonce 2 night bringing 45,000 people eminem and rihanna also did 2 night bringing 50,000 people this are really big artist right gun n roses cold play ac dc metallica all under 50,000 NOW PICTURES THIS ROMEO CONCERT IS ON SEP 21 THEY DID A PRE SALE ON THE TICKES ON THE JUNE 4 and the already sold 25,000 tickets this is him by him self this guy is going to fill the place to capacity BY HIM SELF THIS GUY SOLD OUT YANKEE STADIUM BY HIM SELF 3 night in a row thats 54,000 by him self they should have been prepared they could have made a great interview but didnt have the facts AND HES SO HUMBLED HES SAID IS BIG FOR LATINOS HES ABOUT TO MAKE HISTORY NO ARTIST HAS FILL METLIFE AND HE IS GOING TO DOIT

  2. 10:30
    Uhhh yes charly, he’s speaking to Latin community 🕺🏽💃🏾

    “Ladder” in Spanish sound different when talking a carribean islander compared Mexican so there’s that

    Charly sounds just sounds like white peoples tryna touch their hair

  3. Charlamagne is very ignorant to every other culture but his, the black culture like he always say which is not even a culture, being black is a race…there are blacks all over the world…not only in America.. but he really things that being black is a culture…SMH…get some education beyond your own circle and "culture" jeezee.. you can tell he has never travel either…when you travel it broadens your mind!!! You see the see other culture and how the world really is…you LEARN!!!

  4. Papi!! I love him!! Been a fan of his music forever since the Aventura days!! Can’t believe he’s on here!! Yay!! More Latino artists please!! You got a huge Latin community watching!!

  5. CTG dark skin Haitians lmao I hate how black is classified as a race when it’s a “color” when we’re all over this motherfuckin planet the America’s Caribbean Europe Africa Australia the Andaman Islands Solomon Islands #TheOGs

  6. Charla is hating on the low. He throwin jabs here and there. He loves the latino women though but seems like be hatin on this dude alittle .

  7. Charlamagne is such a ignorant person! How you know so much about the down sides of Romeo but you don’t even know what Bachata is? He kept pushing his buttons and disrespecting him.. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ you have no idea what an icon you have in front of you. Romeo humble as always he kept his cool. I would’ve walked out and stick my middle finger at him after he asked if every Dominican wears white Jeans

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