YG Arrested For Snatching Fan’s Chain

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  1. I hate then fuckin gay ass choke chains man where all da long manly chains like back in the day gone? The little flip chains the pimp c chains the dipset chains the g unit chains you name it

  2. CthaG already spoke about the rape case, it’s just that people aren’t satisfied with his side of the story. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. c tha god is a rape man he rapes little kids and lies about smfh i have lost soo much if not all respect for him aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand he hasn't addressed it on the breakfast club don't let his comentary distract you guys from the fact that he rapes i am this close from just not listening to him or any of them

  4. What a fake ass nigga🤦🏾‍♂️ how you gonna beat up and take one of your fans chains?! This what he doing to people that support him🗑

  5. Between 3 and 9 thousands? Aha$ 3k chain will look a lot different. Than a $9k ones. Aha you thats a idk the price estimate. How much that cost? Shit between 0 and 100k

  6. Why would people celebrate these fake ass rappers who are really just gang members who ain’t real enough to sell dope.

    And ain’t never wrote a album himself..

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