First Test – Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Alfa Romeo makes a triumphant return to the American market with their drop dead gorgeous 8C Competizione. Join us as we put it to the test for the first time on American soil.


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  1. I woulda bought it solely on LOOKS alone. u know like the GORGEOUS CHICK u want on your arm, but u don't want her to talk…  u just want her to hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. LOL!!

  2. This is the most gorgeous car in the world :).

    The yank who made this video seems to think that the 8C is a vehicle to be thrashed about like an idiot.  But it is nothing like that, it is meant as a cruiser around in, not gun hoe, ussssaaaaaa, pumpinggggg.  Na, not quite.

  3. I actually drove this same car at World Class Driving in VT a few years ago.  You have to experience the sound – none of these videos do it justice.  Radio???  What radio?  Just listen to that engine sing!!  through Smuggler's Notch and over the back roads of VT – listening to the run out when you lift your foot??  Snap, crackle, pop – awesome sounds.

  4. It can be ok to say names more correct.I could undestand if it was an total amature but it seems like this man has tris as an job. It`s true that some words will said different on different language. Am from norway and we example say porsche diffrent from what they say it on english. I also remember Lancia delta integrale evoluzione. It was ofen called evolution on english.ahaha

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