Car Talk – LIVE Question & Answer – Podcast #257 with Scotty Kilmer

Car talk, LIVE question and answer, podcast #257 with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. How to find free answers to your DIY car repair questions. Auto Mechanic for the last 50 years, answers your car questions live. Auto repair Q&A, live stream car series. When the Event is live, just e-mail Scotty questions to and he answers the best ones.

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  1. It was actually a really good M-B tech who told me to dump that brand and buy a Lexus. I did and am really happy about it.

  2. Hey Scottie thanks for sharing I wanted to ask if you know how to stop a transmission leak from where I believe the speedometer is connected to the transmission please would really help out a lot thank you it's for a 79 camaro I'm learning as I go

  3. 15:27 Mazda 3 2007 oil fill is 4.5 quarts and does not register proplerly full while the motor is running. Extra oil causes smoke and in the case of turbo, burnt oil vane contamination, and eventual overheating from loaded cat.

  4. When I first was licensed 1960. GM sold over 60 percent of everything. How was this lost? American automakers cut quality and screwed us buyers. Along come the Japanese and sell us vehicles that were priced rite and ran and ran reliably and efficiently. Our liberal Dominated government did not help at all. but the Japanese (Toyota the best of them) just keep on providing quality product. Could we make America great again and make vehicles that are worth owning? Not till the swamp is drained.

  5. Hey Scotty I just have a quick question I have 2014 Dodge Dart 2.4 and I just wanted to know in general how often should I change my pads and rotors?

  6. Have you ever ported a head on an engine Scotty? Looking at this on other videos getting rid of casting marks and smoothing the insides of the head brings results… Your Toyota has a 2ltr engine maybe you could do this as part of a new segment to your channel…Get it dyno'd and see the results.

  7. The first answer is wrong. If you get bad gas in the car, all you have to do is roll down the window for a minute or so and the problem is solved.

  8. Scotty Kilmer i need an answer as soon as possible, I have a truck I got new ball joints for and upper control arms, I really need to get the ball joints out but they are really really really stuck in the knuckle, I've tried putting weight on the stud to pop it out and hit it for 7 hours yesterday and pried and pried and pried and nothing at all seems to work, what would you recommend besides heating up the knuckle to expand it

  9. I have a 2008 Saturn outlook all wheel drive. When driving the whole cluster went out
    ( gauge needles). I'm kinda lost here because I don't know if it would be the stepper motors in the cluster or something with the engine control module.
    Now for my question.
    Have you encountered or heard of this problem, and what are the possible fixes if so?
    I greatly appreciate your time and love your YouTube channel

  10. This show was awesome fun! Is Scotty on fire or just lit? The my-wife-wants-a-Benz solution was classic. Some New York started creeping in when talking about the Mustang clutch, I swear he was going to say "change it and fugetaboutit"

  11. There's really no point to calling this LIVE. You are taking questions that have accumulated and answer them. There is honestly no value in you answering them live. For example, I'm watching this 6 hours later, I didn't miss a thing by not watching it live. Keep it up, Scotty. Because of you I use AT-205 and it's totally awesome.

  12. Always buy name brand(top tier) gasoline. Cut rate no name stations use fly by night tanker trucks as well as not using all the proper additives(and dump crap in the fuel). I personally had to replace a blown head gasket on my 88 toyota corolla after my wife filled up at sinclair station and got diesel in the gas. the dumb ass at sinclair accused us of using the wrong pump till I pointed out the station we got the fuel at did not have any diesel pumps. the dumb ass at sinclair said they deny responsibility but would pay to have my car fixed. I had already fixed the car so they refused to pay anything. I told them fine, I will never buy fuel from you again.

  13. I have a 2003 hyundai sonata V6 that has AC problems. I had evacuated and filled it lasted two weeks and have a week of 100 plus temps it's back to the way it was before the service.

  14. I missed it… I had to work … I'm again having a problem and it's my own fault … I put on cute metal pink tire stem caps and and now stuck.. how can I get them off ..tire low…

  15. I have a 99 Corolla 180k that works just fine. When the car is sitting for a day, and I turn on the AC immediately after turning on the car, I smell gas in the car for a minute or so. Someone suggested to replace the Fuel Injector O-rings, and I have already done that. Unfortunately, that didn't fix the issue. Where else should I look?

  16. 2010 Chevy HHR 2.2L Ecotech, with 80K. I have oil in the cooling system and coolant in the oil pan. It runs good, has power but consuming coolant with in a day or two. What are your thoughts?

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