EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #30 11/19/2014

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In this episode we talked about exhaust and the improvements it may or may not make to upgrade, mystery vibrations, no start issues, oil consistency, start and die problems, idle problems, electrical issues, misfires, power balance testing, and overcharging batteries.

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No Crank, No Start Diagnosis:

No Start Basics:

No Crank, No Start, Checking Battery Cables:

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Oil:

Solving Honda Idle Problems:

Throttle Cleaning:

How To Find a Vacuum Leak:

Honda Start Stall Problem:

Solving Performance Problems 1:

Solving Performance Problems 2:

Re Performance Problems:

Basic Electrical troubleshooting 1:

Basic Electrical troubleshooting 2:

Testing Relays:

Bleeding a cooling system:

Alternator video:

Starter video:

Non Serviceable Parts:

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Engine overheat

No start problems

Idle issues

Performance issues

Diagnosing Noises

Diagnosing Vibrations

Electrical Problems

Brake Issues

Transmission issues

HVAC problems

Buying a Used Car



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  1. Hi Eric I have a 2000 Grand Am I changed the brakes but when I did the e brakes don't work. When I pull on the ebrake there is no sticking cables are for sure fine. When I took the brakes back a part and pulled on the ebrake it looks like there is no movement on the ebrake round pad. I do have the right rotor on it and the brake pad is in position so where do I go from here? Also I just changed the oil and then about 3 weeks later the sensor oil change light came on I checked the motor on the belt side and I can see some anti freeze down near the intake gasket and of course the motor is the 3.4. I'm I assuming the worse that the gasket needs to be replaced? If I get the kit it's around 50-60 bucks but it's the labour or is it really something I could do if I watch a few videos. I do have all the tools needed but is certain calibrations come into play I'm not sure. What's your advice. By the way I'm totally jealous about the experience you had at the car show but glad you posted it. I live in Ontario near the border to Detroit but after seeing what you posted I gotta go next year. Thanks for any help you can give.

  2. I have a 2000 vovlo s80 T6 and my question is why does it read no oil pressure when it is idle but once it goes over 700 rpm it take off

  3. Hi, I'm looking for a new car after my old 2002 elantra died and got offered a 2006 Mazda 3 hatchback and 2005 Subaru impreza rs sedan both with around 100K miles. Any thoughts on these cars or should I keep looking?   

  4. Hey Eric, I have a 1999 3.5L Chrysler 300m and need to change my steering rack. I was about to order the part, but apparently I need to make sure I order the correct one… How can I know if my vehicle uses a Speed proportional rack or if my vehicle uses a standard rack. Thanx in advance

  5. Hey Eric! I have a 95 honda accord lx. After moving to Southern California my car has been having problems at the gas pump. When I lock the trigger on the pump it will fill my tank for a few seconds but then it shuts off like it would if the tank was full. In order to fill my tank I have to barely pull the trigger so it won't overflow. I'm wondering if it happened from someone attempting to siphon my gas or could it be something else And what could I do to troubleshoot and repair it? Thanks for your time!! 🙂

  6. Anyone know how to get wheel hub assembly bolts off without a torch?  My bolts are accessed thru the holes in the hub so I'm kind of limited with access to them.  I put bolt extractor sockets on them and ended up breaking a ratchet and the socket extension.  The bolts didn't budge.  If I hit the bolts heads straight on with a hammer might that help break them loose?  Thanks. 

  7. Is there an Eric The Car Guy video about determining rod knock vs. piston wrist pin? On a cold start, my '98 Corolla has a very pronounced rod knock sound (definitely not valvetrain-related or other causes, no mistaking that hard metallic rattle), but here's the thing that makes me look for other causes; when the car reaches normal operating temperature, it goes away. My experience has taught me that rod bearing noise will usually get worse when the vehicle warms up (as the oil thins), not go away. Just changed the  oil (10W30), made no difference.

  8. Oh Sure–Now a Poscast show and a new LOOK—celebrity life takin over?…hummm ok I'll give you credit on the weight loss but miss heavier

  9. I wish I could buy an Eric The Car Guy bumper or window sticker. When I got my Volvo it had the logo for the dealership that maintained it on the back. I feel like my Chevy has pretty much been maintained through watching Eric The Car Guy videos.

  10. I have an 03 sierra 1500 with a 4.8 vortec with 170k miles on it. My question is how do you know if the lifter need to be tighten or maybe replaced? Because at start up and ant idle I hear a clicking sound but during drive I don't, but all together truck drives fine. Any suggestion?

  11. Hi @ERIC THE CAR GUY I have a 2003 Chevy impala 3.4 engine. I bought the car with 148000 miles on it. The car has been running extremely smooth with no problem until know. My car would start and run and drive smoothly all day but it seems to shut up every now an then. I thought it was the battery so I changed the battery because the one I had was going bad anyway. But the problem is still happening. I checked my fuel pump and crank rely fuse , an they look good. I got my alternator and starter checked and they were fine too. Idk what's the problem. Do you have any idea what the problem my be?


    Adonnis Johnson

  12. The tractor probably has a known problem with the relay.  I fixed one with similar issues.  *If* this is the problem Kabota knows about this issue and will give you a part to put in line with the relay.  It was really easy to do.

  13. Sorry I missed you at SEMA.  Hope you enjoyed your time here, had a few to many drinks, and made poor decisions.  That is what this town is found on.  Next time you come out here, you can crash my Guest bedroom if you need to save some cash.  No joke, let me know. 

  14. Ok, I have a question I would like answered. I'm new to boosted engines so any info would be helpful. I have a 10.5 to 1 aluminum head stroked sbc 383 sitting in the garage and a 142 b&m blower in my closet.. Can I put it on and run it on pump gas?

  15. Hey Eric .. I have a 2001 eclipse v6 3. 0 and it has a hard time starting when cold.. very hard time .. I have to crank it for about 15 minutes but if the sun is hitting it amd its a warm day it fires right up. What could that be? Thanks in advance.

  16. Here's a interesting question Eric,I have a 98 olds intrigue that has been sitting. The car starts fine and goes into drive and reverse.

    The wheels won't move, I mean the steering wheel feels locked as it won't turn right or left but can drive straight fine or reverse fine.

    When the car was parked about 5 months ago everything was good,really not a clue on why I can't turn the wheels;

  17. I have an bmw 320i e46 year 2000 and in the engine bay it smells like melted plastic, didnt smell that way when i bought it and after a while it started to smell like that. Havent driving to hard with the car so it would overheat 

  18. Give up! YouTube will not let anyone watch if they are in the UK. Shame really as it was probably a good show. Whatever server you stream to is not fit for purpose and YouTube keeps dropping the connection with it and when it does connect it is blocking the content. Find a more reliable way.

  19. Hello Eric,

    How do you see the future of engines panning out? Do you see purely electric cars as the future? Or even hydrogen, hybrid or even new types of internal combustion as the next generation of engines?

  20. Hi Eric – I have a 2001 Honda accord  with 185K miles on it.   My question is shall I have a full transmission service done ?  I hear that  if the transmission has not been maintained well over the year, a transmission flush/ full service will make it worse as all the gunk previously caked on will now loosen up & corrupt the transmission.
    (The transmission is slipping some, revs real high & struggles to get in gear sometimes. The transmission fluid level is fine. I had the car for 11 months , & is just getting worse over time ) thanks man !   Rik

  21. What do i do if every time i drive very slowly or going backwards i hear a screeching sound. Sounds like its a stuck calliper (lots of heat comes off the wheel after a long(ish) drive)

  22. Hi Eric, I have a 2003 F150 Supercab 4×4 FX4 5.4L, I have this problem when the temp is cold aka winter months in New England, my truck wont shift out of park unless I have the accessory off and the motor off then shift into neutral and start the truck, but if I put it back into park I have to do that again. My Brake lights work and I am stumped with this. can you help?

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