EricTheCarGuy Visits Airtex – EricTheCarGuy

EricTheCarGuy Visits Airtex – EricTheCarGuy

A few months ago I had the privilege to visit the Airtex corporation in Fairfield IL. They were kind enough to show me around so I brought you with me to check out how they make and assemble their fuel pumps.

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  1. Everyone agrees they are shit. Wonder what actually fails on them? Brushes? Wiring? Cheap plastic? It's sad, it looks like they spend a lot of money on their facility/equipment/payroll, only to turn out junk. Why would they not find out what they are doing wrong and try to be the best, rather then a laughing stock?

  2. Piece of shit fuel pump. 3days in my Porsche and quit. I returned it to Amazon and hopefully get my refund. Never again with this brand. My old one got me home glad I didnt throw it away. Save me towing fees.

  3. Hey eric the car guy how much did they pay you to talk up their product because airtex products suck by personal experience and many other mechanics experience! Never buy airtex products you will be sorry !

  4. I bought an Airtex FUel pump for my Jeep. It was Made in Mexico. It failed two months later and I found out through the Jeep forums they are notorius for failures. AutoZone doesn't give you your money back on AirTex products, you just get a replacement, which will fail, leave you stranded and getting another 40-80 dollar tow and repeating the tank dropping process. Bosch is the only fuel pump I trust in a Jeep. As far as I am concerned Airtex corporate facilities in the US are just for show. FYI this happened to me in 2011, in July or August (soon after this video was originally posted). I know it was then because it was within a few months of my EAS from the Marines. I'll never buy Airtex again.

  5. hello Eric, I have a question for you I have a 97 S10 4.3 with an AC Delco fuel pump that keeps getting weak what could be the problem need some help much appreciated

  6. I don't know bro. I put one of those that I ordered from rock auto & I'm already having issues with pressurization which is causing misfiring. Autozone said they won't carry that brand anymore because there's been to many customers returning them because of manufacturing defects. What do you think?

  7. just had one of these POS blow on my 89 suburban. Only had it two weeks before it blew, only about 800kms. fuel level indicator is about 1/8th of a tank shy as well, under reported since i installed the thing. Learned my lesson for sure, sometimes you gotta shell out for OEM if you gotta depend on the machine.

  8. My '05 Crown Vic P71 started getting P0191 DTCs seemingly at random, then constantly. Fuel pressure was around 20 PSI under load, should be no less than 35. I diagnosed all of the stuff you're supposed to – fuel pump driver module, PCM, FRP sensor, etc. All of that checked good. So, I replaced the pump. The pump in it was an Airtex pump that I had purchased over 3 years ago at Autozone. Autozone no longer sells these pumps, so under warranty I replaced it with a Delphi pump. Everything is right in the universe again.

    I was impressed that the Airtex pump lasted as long as it did. When I originally purchased it, I was expecting a year out of it.

  9. these pumps are FUCKING JUNK….. I've had to replace mine on my 87 bronco THREE FUCKING TIMES…because advance "couldn't" give My money back only another pump…pfft. well this time i ordered spectra for both my in tank and my IN line pump…fuck these JUNK.

  10. yup these are the worst pumps you can get. my level sensor never worked from the get go. store would not return it said I had to file a warranty claim with airtex. didn't bother with it. several months later the check engine light came on with a code for the level sender high voltage. now the engine cuts out like it's running out of fuel. just like the old pump did. stay far far away from these. when they're $300 consumers should be getting top of the line products but we are not. NEVER buy a fuel pump from a auto parts store either. mark up is double of online prices. went with a spectra and been good for almost 2 years with a working fuel gauge!

  11. Straight up junk!!!!! Highly disappointing. Installed one of these pump (E3508) on my 01 Tahoe last year. It came with a year warranty. Well, it lasted a year and six months. Horrible performance for two hundred thirty dollar pump. The guy at Auto Zone offered to sale me another one but, this time with a lifetime warranty. Are you kidding me??????? Obviously Airtex knows something is wrong and this is their way of taking care of their customers. A lifetime warranty. Don't waste my time!!!!!

  12. Had an airtex, installed it on my day off in the shop in my grand am. Wouldn't hold any pressure. Ordered an OEM and had no issues. Not a good first impression airtex..

  13. This has nothing to do with Mr. Rogers, but you live near Fairfield, IL?!?!?!?! I live about 30 miles from there, and was actually there today! That is so exciting! Where is your shop located?


  15. Hey Eric i'm replacing the fuel pump in my 01 chevy malibu and i was just wondering what your opinion on aftermarket fuel pumps is. Everyone says don't use them but i hear that gm pumps go bad all the time and they are much more expensive. What would you do?

  16. The vane pump is whats called a positive displacement pump, if that helps u all. It has to pump a a consistent and equal fluid per revolution, unlike the typical centrifugal pump most are familiar with.

  17. @wafrederick Yeah I read on some forums that they are not very good. I figured either Delphi or AC Delco were gonna be the way to go. I tend to stick with AC Delco for replacement parts. I get most of my stuff from rock auto.

  18. Airtex fuel pumps are flat out junk,have a huge failure rate.Delphi and AC Delco for GM only.I have put in 6 airtex fuel pumps in one chevy truck,failed.

  19. good video bro, i love them all, you did a wonderful job narrating, it reminded me of an how its made episode. well done! keep up the good work ETCG

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