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In poor taste? Perhaps. Funny? Absolutely at least for me. Now you will know when I’m posting a video or shooting one, when I’m finally going to get the new website up and running, or when I drop something heavy on my toe.

On a side note, I believe by the time you read/see this I will have reached the 1000 subscriber mark! This is awesome, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this channel a success, I have the best audience on YouTube I really do.

Seriously, I hope you find this as funny as I did, if not, sorry you’ll get over it.



ETCG website:

Be safe, have fun, and definitely, stay dirty.



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  1. Great ideas for my 2000 Corolla, they show EASTERN CATALYTIC CONVERTERS Part # 40243 and MagnaFlow Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter Part # 23881. I was leaning towards the Magna flow for performance, but I read on a forum that the clamp that attaches Catalytic to the front pipe does not work correctly since clamp is made for the factory converter (thinner) and I dont weld at all. Any ideas which one is a direct fit, I want to replace it from the converter to the muffler without any problems,

  2. Ok that cool ty Eric. Btw I'm kinda curious Eric. In trying to find a reason to keep my Myspace account since I don't even logon anymore and none of my friends that I know of uses Myspace anymore. Its all Tweet and fb now. Do you have a MS page? If so I MAY hold on to my account just a little longer

  3. @Michiganborn1969 I don't but your parts guy should have that capability, even better would be the dealer which would have access to the service intervals as well as what gets replaced during that interval.

  4. Hey Eric, do you have the ability to look up a vehicles specifications by VIN? I need to do a full tune up on my '00 Jimmy and would like to get the entire package including fuel filter. I'm not even sure this Jimmy take plugs or not, from at a glance it looks like coil packs like you did on the Odyssey. If I can get you a VIN can you look up for me everything I would need for a compleate tune up?

  5. If it's the "grenade pin" style replace it, they just about always leak. If it's the other style don't worry about it, they are pretty much bullet proof unless someone tries to compress the piston with a vice. To be honest I don't know where to find the holders without buying a tensioner but that would be a good thing to know. Let me know if you find something. Sorry about the stew.

  6. This video is a commentary on the very nature of social networking, I'm glad you picked up on it. In my new line of work I'm finding the wider the net you cast the better so I have reluctantly or in this case humorously taken the plunge into the digital void as a result. It's not so bad really, I'm learning all kinds of new things about the world around me.

  7. not a nice thing to see when eating a bowl of stew
    just for that you owe me an answer
    doing a timing belt w/p on a friends 2000 accord 3.0 . would you change the auto-tensioner even if its not leaking?
    I think this engine has the clip type holder as apposed to the pin. If im not changing this part do you know where I can get the hold down clamp?

  8. Funny bit. But unfortunately I haven't made the leap to MyFace or SpaceBook yet, But maybe I should take the plunge(r). I don't have Twitter either, because for some odd reason I guess I'm one of the very few who really don't care what Miley Cirus had for breakfast today. But ETCG bowel movement updates, well now that makes for a pretty tempting incentive to sign up.

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