Fabricated Subaru Crankshaft Tool

Don’t want to build one? Get it on Amazon HERE→http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CE2HCLW/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00CE2HCLW&linkCode=as2&tag=httpwwwyou00f-20

Showcasing my new Subaru crankshaft tool that I fabricated.


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  1. Brian is it possible to give me the diameters of that center pulley and the width of the center key holder that you cut? I use to work at a Bearing company and certainly I can duplicate it that tool you made! It would save me the time to cut a pulley

  2. I have a 2004 Subaru Forster xt and need to replace the driver side cam gear for the timing belt. how do I remove it and keep the intake cam in time ? it is locked in full advance position , and needs to be replaced . I have done the SOHC ENGINES , but not the DOHC engine . trying to help out wifes sister .

  3. @briansmobile1 I'm having a problem with my 98' Forester. My battery was dead because I was fixing a lot of suspension stuff and I put my battery on a slow charge overnight and started it, I held down the reset button to stop the hazards from flashing. I let the car sit over night, then when I went to drive the car it was really cold, I get in and the power locks start going crazy. I can't figure it out I checked the wires in the door and they appear bone dry

  4. Much easier to save your old FWD axle nuts. They are great spacers to allow the factory bolt to tighten on the crank without the balancee and without bottoming out the bolt in the crank. so far every engine I have done, all the bolts are pretty close in diameter. So one nut fits most. I don't like turning the engine over with all the tension on just the key. Or just go down to the hardware store and get a normal nut big enough to wobble freely a little over the bolt. I have a nut that i notched for the engines that have the key extend past the end of the crank. Fits perfect.

  5. Thank you Brian, but after replacing the belt on an DOHC on my Subie and lining up all marks on cams the engines turns but it will NOT start FRUSTRATING!! can you help…PLEASE!!!! what else can I do? 

  6. hey Brian, I've noticed you were doing a timing belt on a 2.5l DOHC which is very different than a SOHC, I wonder if you would be kind enough to make a video of the timing belt replacement on the DOHC.

  7. its funny i striped my power steering removal tool in the middle of a job and it was a holiday nothing was open , i made one from cutting a notch in a 2 inch square tube to fit over the front of the pully and welded a nut to the other side with a 5/8s bolt to press it off

  8. I bought a sips mig welder a year ago and have made tools!i made a driveshaft oil seal drift,the other techs laughed at me…but guess what they all want to borrow it lol.made it from a old wheel bearing a brake pad with a length of pipe welded together!

  9. It's fine to do that. I just like my tool because It's faster than having to deal with threading it on and off again and then back on again.

  10. tottaly off topic on your videos but i have yet to see how to install a block heater on a subaru ej25 part number A0910AS000 any advice

  11. To bad there's already such a tool on the market, because Lisle tool will pay anyone that comes up with a new tool idea. Perhaps you should look at your previous fabricated tools.

  12. I just put the crank pulley bolt on with out a pulley and use that to rotate the motor. You can see the Mark on the crank gear and it's easy. But nice job on the tool

  13. O brother where art thou? Great film, with excellent music. Briansmobile1. Great channel with excellent videos, that is a handy little doofer you made, I hate the hassle of re fitting the pulley and bolt just to turn the engiine over, so this makes good sense.

  14. They are. It snows a lot here in the winter and everything is really spread out. They're an efficient way to get around being they're AWD. The only down side is they don't hold up well to elk and moose collisions! lol

  15. Yep snow blowing is not fun. We just had 22 inches of snow and now 1/4 inch ice now it dropping to -10 with winds of 30 mph . We have lost power 3 times and lucky I have 2 gen sets that run in parallel . Bad part is there gas wish I could afford to change them to propane as its a lot easier to get propane than gas .

  16. It's a wonder that no one has thought to make a set of tools like that before… I think it would sell pretty well if there were a set to match multiple makes/model of engines, it'd be really cool!!!!

  17. awesome tool. sometimes its a pain to build or modify tools just to do a specific job. but other times its fine. i had to build a seal driver for rear hubseals on a gmc topkick 6500 the other day, took some exhaust pipe and an old leaf spring, welded them up, then ground off the sides so it fit down inside the hub to press the seal without hitting anything. i actually enjoyed making it, actually, probably the welding more that anything.

  18. to bad you didnt have this 2 weeks ago you could have entered it in the contest and won 40 bucks, like that would have gone over well 🙂

  19. Hello brian ,you have to tell me , why Wouldn't you use the bolt ?????????????????????????????????????????? engine rotation is clockwise , so is screwing the crankshaft pulley bolt , why not take the bolt tighten it all the way just snug and then rotate the crank / cam / oil pump sprocket etc… depending on which pulley your timing.. Really want an awnser on the matter please ! thx.

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