FATR 43 A Daniel Valdez playlist and How Are You Today? – EricTheCarGuy

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Mining Truck turn

Self Loading Backhoe

Woman’s parking revenge

Road train crosses flooded river

Tight parallel parking

Automatic Parking

Hot girl drifting

Man stuck in engine

Underwater car

How it’s made tool boxes

How it’s made sockets

How it’s made engines

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  1. Eric, I hope your 2012 is a great one. I mean that.

    Here's a problem: I NEVER see your videos on my YT homepage. I always have to check your page to check for videos. This isn't a problem for the FATR since usually it'll be Saturday and I'll be like "Hey, I'm missing something." But for all your other videos, the problem applies. I don't mind checking in, but I thought I'd let you know.

  2. Smashing stuff eric :-), hope your are still happy and getting enough income so your not stressing out.

    You look relaxed and i hope for 2012 you are offered more work and more sponsorship deals to boost your income. Your a smashing and kind bloke and deserve lots of good luck for this new year, and less stress 🙂

  3. @ryansauto93 If you go to Eric's website, there is such a group for that kind of discussion. I like to lurk in the repair section, where people ask questions, and some very experienced tech's offer advice. Sweet.

  4. erics new catch phrase (Who would have thought generic honey roasted peanuts who would be soo good) Love ya eric dreamer if your reading this get well bro!!!

  5. congrats on the 1st FATR of 2012. Years ago someone told me a trick to convert C to F. 5c multiply by 2 then add 30 = 40F. not accurate but REAL close.

  6. You mentioned me in the video! Sweet! I have an update on the whole time off thing. I start with a new company here in a couple weeks. 🙂 I'm not gonna wait until the old company calls me back.

  7. WOW man thanks for putting my playlist on this FATR 43!!! I will do my best to gather more stuff as I browse youtube for more fun stuff. Stay Dirty greetings from south america :-)!!!

  8. I have an idea, maybe for the "How Are You Today" section, people could make video responses or submissions for the FATR showing what projects they're working on or what they're up to.

  9. Man I love "How It's Made". I can get lost watching that show for hours. I especially remember & enjoyed watching the engine one

  10. yo eric! you are allmost getting the ferreira and the portugal right 😀 good video as allways and i also love the how its made stuf. the diference is that the lawnmower engine i took apart never run again… 😀

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