Fix that CLUNK in Your Front End Tips and Tricks Sway Link Removal

Share this video with people who complain that their car goes “KLUNK!” when they go over bumps. They’re going to need it. Stabilizer links and sway bar end links can be very easy to remove (the hard part of the job) or incredibly time consuming and frustrating. This video is a process refined over 30 years and made concise to show you how to ensure success the first time- every time if it’s possible at all.

Tools used in this video: DeWalt 3/8 impact → Millwaukee 1/2” impact → Allen socket → Metric end wrenches →

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Pull-a-Part Challenge video 3 →

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  1. Good job Brian. Salted roads in Canadian winter mean I've never removed one without a grinder. I'll give this a try next time.

  2. Your great man! Love all your videos. You know your shit. Wish you lived near by me cause I'd have to meet you and try and do a project with you. I do what you do. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge man. I and many others truly appreciate what you do

  3. Great vid again Brian I have watched many ppl snap those and grab the saw Zaw!
    Second side question? What’s the weight limit on those motorized gliders? (Asking for a fat friend) 😁

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