Ford Taurus: P0456 Small EVAP leak / No Visable Smoke!?

IN this video I have a look at a 2014 Ford Taurus that came in with the engine light on and a code P0456 for a small EVAP leak. This is a relatively common issue with these vehicles. Come along for the diagnosis! -Enjoy!

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  1. Fascinating.
    US American cars are repaired with the handle of a screwdriver.
    For russian cars you need the front of a heavy hammer. 😜👍😃

  2. my understanding is the valve is closed when it's idling is that correct ? or it's open when reached certain pressure in the fuel tank?????

  3. Life Lessions with Eric O.
    1.) Don't trust your scanner.
    2.)All screwdrivers have a blunt striking end feature (multi- tool!) – even Philips and Torx.
    3.) Always make sure the "door' is closed – both front and purge!
    4.) Just because I can do it you better do what I say and not what I do!

  4. ENGINE LIGHT: my car is about dead. LOL my VW has the MIL on for just a secondary o2 heat circuit.
    Doesnt hurt the car in any way.

  5. When I saw Ford Taurus I was thinking I was gonna see a 20 year old rusty death trap. I forgot they started making these again!! haha

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