Here’s Why this Cheap Military Truck is the Best Vehicle for the Apocalypse

M35A2 deuce and a half military truck review. Here’s why this cheap military truck is the best vehicle for the Apocalypse, truck review and truck tour with Scotty Kilmer. Truck mod contest winner Aaron and his 2 1/2 ton army truck. This 1968 M35A2 troop carrier military truck has some interesting mods and can handle just about anything thrown at it. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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  1. I used to drive some of those and just beat the hell out of them daily. All the other wheeled vehicles were prone to breaking, including the hummer, so I really like my deuce and a half. I actually lived in a box mounted on the back of one for the better part of 3 years. Contrary to what people may say, these were the most reliable vehicles I've driven in the military. Even when they were very old and beat up. Just remember, if you hit a steep hill at an angle, grip the wheel loosely. Harsh steering feedback can break your freakin arm off road.

  2. I'm am that different stroke for different people sort of person. This sort of prep doesn't impact others negatively so go for it. However this could call into a prepper's preparations. My hope is to survive a dister; to live as long and comfortably as possible post disaster. IMO if your planning requires a vehicle like this your planning is flawed. Iin the event you sren't living the lifestyle that doesn't require sever changes after an e vent where you can survive in place you aren't preparde. A vehicle of this age is bound to contain many parts that deteriorate with age. They need to be replace as soon as the vehicle is in hand for the vehicle to de ready for action for long as possible period of time.

  3. #4 Since the title is apocalypse, being a military vehicle it's probably designed to withstand an electromagnetic pulse from a nuke that would fry the electronics in any newer vehicle.

  4. Its neat and I remember repairing and driving them in the Army, but guess what? No air conditioning! That wouldn't be fun in South Carolina were I live.

  5. Good ole deuce and a half. I loved driving my M813 5 ton back in 85-86. I later received a nice new M977 8×8 Hemtt which was a Cadillac compared to the ole 2 1/2 ton and 5 ton trucks back then. Hated to see my tiger striped M813 being turned in to the storage depot in Germany. Wonder what ever happened to it?

  6. I sent this guy an email 3 years ago with a question about a car…I’m still waiting for a reply…maybe next week

  7. Outstanding pick Scotty. Man that is a tank these things will keep going long after the newer junks has been crushed several times. I wouldn't want it as a everyday driver but it would come in handy.

  8. they shoulda just used air brakes, but then you'd need a CDL to drive this thing. if i had enough parkin on my yard, id buy one, tow boat with it. and to those bitchin about the comfort of the ride, rip out a seat from a peterbilt at a junkyard an yous goo

  9. It's dirt cheap to buy. I get it. Love it.
    But how many gallons of fuel is/are the tanks? What's the mileage? How much to fill up?
    I'll stick with my little Jeep, thanks 👍

  10. Scotty I love your channel but I think you should consider that less is more. I mean these are neat vids I suppose, but I don't think people subscribe to random dude talks about their car or a fix for their car vids, they subscribe to Scotty Kilmer vids.

  11. I frankly gave up trying to get one of those years ago here in Nova Scotia. They're really difficult to find. You almost never find one for sale that's still running and driving and usually their rotted out. If you find one being sold nothing to do with zombie apocalypse. They're one of the vehicles. I've just always had a particular affinity for because of their minimalist design spent years trying to get one or get my hands on a old Jeep and in both cases there nearly impossible prices that they go for around these parts would knock you down you can get several thousand for one just for scrap metal.

  12. Everyone is saying it gets bad MPG which is true but it can also run on very cheap things like used motor oil. The initial investment is low on these things but maintenance is VERY expensive.

  13. I’ve often considered a deuce and a half but wondered how i’d get parts for them if I needed them..?? Any suggestions?

  14. So the apocalypse hits, where are you going to find PARTS when it breaks down, which it will several times…

  15. Push button start used to be standard on all vehicles. You turned a key then pushed a button. In the early 50's it was phased out for the most part though but it's making a reappearance now.

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