How to Replace the Front Active Control Motor Mount on a 2008-2017 Honda Odyssey

Front active control motor mounts are a common failure on Honda Odyssey, Accord, Crosstrek and Acura, RDX, RLX and TLX. This video shows the order of operation of exactly what you need to remove to replace it. Tools used → Wobble extensions → 1/2” impact (best in the business) → Gearwrench set → 3/8” electric wratchet → While you can do the job with simple hand tools, these featured tools make it so much faster and easier- and then they’re there for you the next job too.

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  1. Because front engine mounts look the same as older models and you've like done many of them, it would be easy to expect newer Odysseys to be quick and easy- and they are…. -ish. They're even easier to do if you drain the coolant and remove the top radiator hose or both. Knowing what to expect is key. That's what this video is set to do. Give you a picture of what's involved up front.

  2. Hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit outta my hat oops I mean mount outta my van.
    Good stuff ish. Happy Motoring. Hey there's a piece missing from this puzzle, dang no wonder we had a hard time.
    Always gotta watch Bee four4 no no bee five5 come on get it Wright it's BeeFate. TFS

  3. See, GM/Ford/FCA wouldn't think ahead and put that scooped section in the mount like good engineers did here. They'd all tell you to just drop the subframe, no big deal. 🙄

  4. This is why we love you Brian, some person is going to find this video about 2 minutes after locating that engine mount on their own car. Then basically have the whole process layed out for them by you. You haven't stopped doing these videos for the sake of youtube views. Its fantastic.

  5. really just disassemble the entire car to replace it. Install it first then the engine transmission radiator battery and starter. LOL Thanks Brian

  6. Just wondering if you watch your finished videos? You sounded very robotic. Like giving directions over the phone to assemble IKEA furniture. Lol. Still watching, keep them coming.

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