Short Hub Bearing Tips Video

In this short 5 minute video I go over some great tips and tricks to show you how-to have better results changing out a hub bearing on your car or truck.

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  1. Are wheel bearings of that type meant to be repacked with grease after a certain amount of time? I have a 2002 Isuzu rodeo and it says to repack the front bearing at 60,000 miles but it looks similar to the one in this video and I haven't heard of disassembling this type and repacking it, just replacing the whole thing when it fails.

  2. This kinda looks like a Mitsubishi-System
    My Galant uses the same break-caliper attachment and wheelhub-bearing assembly.
    The Galant-System only differs in the way the shakle is mounted – it has an additional upper control arm. Also it only has 4 throughbolts instead of 5.

    Also replacing the passenger side wheelhub-bearing assembly was a pain.
    it was rusted so badly that using a puller basically pulled the core out and left the rest of the assembly behind.
    The rest was then removed with a Air hammer from the backside and that took a while.

  3. Hey Brian. If ya happen to see this…
     I've been watching subaru rear bearing videos and checking a couple forums too. I have a 2006 impreza wagon, 2.4L SOHC, and the rear passenger bearing is shot. I think(?) it's a press in on this M.Y.? I wasn't able to get the rotor off the other day to have a look (time, rust).

    Are you able to confirm? And, so you don't like those "bearing press kits" with the threaded rods hey? Haha. I saw a cool video where a guy used a hydraulic punch kit and "made" press to do them on the vehicle, pretty cool. I'd be interested on your thoughts.

    I'm in cold, rusty land and the shops have been quoting me $300-400 minimum. I'll buy tools if I think I can get it done though.


  4. i see the speed sensor in this video, in your subaru hub video you remove it. I broke 3/3 sensor bolts before I realized you don't need to remove the sensor to replace the hub. Just had a "bad Brian" moment for a minute there. Love your videos and glad you do Subaru vid's with my year outback. keep up the great work.

  5. This swap was a lot more civilized than the apparently older strategy of pressing the bad bearing off the rest of the hub. Trying to buzz cut the retained bearing sleeve off the collar always leaves a little nick in the hub you want to reuse.

  6. At 2:52 you say the wheel will come off.  Wouldn't that be unlikely with the big nut on the end of the axle shaft…at least without making a helluva noise for miles?  Love ALL your vids & would work at your garage for free.  I'm retired and don't need the money.

  7. are they paying you more for people that turn on notifications?! I hope not I couldn't stand the constant notifications on my phone so at the end of every night I just save them offline on to my phone then I have a list of videos to watch.

  8. Hey Brian, I recently had to replace a leaky rack and pinion from a Subaru STI, it wasn't very difficult as it was only 2 lines and the steering shaft. I bleed the system by moving the steering wheel from lock to lock several times as the car was suspended over jack stands. Finally when i get ready to start the car and steering wheel vibrates when i turn from lock to lock at idle. Cant seem to find the source of the vibrations. I have already tightened the belt a little more and properly topped with fluid. Please help?

  9. Merry Christmas Brian,
    I'm not trying to be a douche, I'm rather just wondering – why do you recommend using anti-seize, but don't use it yourself? Any specific reason in this particular case.. or?

  10. I am for sure you skip steps in your videos. Every time I work on my truck there is a step where I gotta cuss it.

  11. I replaced wheel bearings in my impreza. all went well. after I got done just a few days later I noticed symptoms of a failed wheel bearing in the driver front, checked and sure enough there is play. I have not removed anything yet bit do you think the hub itself or the spindle is bad? I used Timken Bearings so they were decent parts.

  12. Brian; where were you when I tried to do the wife's A6 last week. Triple square 12m seemed to actually be 11m and there is no such tool so I gave up. The caliper had had pad improperly installed, yeh, by me, dragging one side for a 1000 mile trip. rotor temp? +/- 700 degrees. Figured I'd preemptively change bearing and hub. Didn't happen.

  13. Ha try doing the older gm bearings around where I live. Sometimes it takes a good half hour of beating with a sledge to get them. Sometimes worse than that. I have a "hub buster" that works. Or an attachment for an air hammer where you can put a socket on the end and drive the bolts like you did, but with the air hammer. That works too. Also sometimes working a big chisel in will get it started…

  14. If only every car was this easy, lol. Just did a Ford Escape and that was a PITA.

    I still prefer the old style unsealed bearings. You can change those, even out in the field with only a couple of tools, in about 10 minutes.

  15. by the way, is you do a bookmark for the My Subscriptions page on youtube and you have the bookmarks tab like I do you click that and it will take you to My Subscriptions page, not the youtube main page and like this you always see all the uploads

  16. I spent an hour the other morning ringing all the bells for the creators I care about.I do not get why this is happening right at the end of the year.I have my suspicions though.At least it got me to do a little research into how youtube works.Merry Christmas Brian!

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