The Epic Indy500 Trip I Took with my YouTube Friends

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Before I begin the story of my epic Indy500 road trip, I need to thank Shell for making it happen. Not only did they show us a great time at the Indy500 2019, they also provided the fuel for the trip!

I won’t get into the details here, that’s what the video is for, but I’ll never forget my trip to the Indy500 in 2019. Thank you Shell!

I’ve personally been using Shell VPower Nitro+ fuel in my #FairmontProject since day one, and I have yet to be disappointed in the performance of the fuel.

Now they have a new formulation which makes the fuel even better. I’d recommend trying a tank of it in your vehicle today.

More Info on the new Shell Premium VPower Nitro+:

Additional Video Footage Provided by: Hitting Red Line:

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  1. I'm a qualified UK mechanic. My uncle was an engineer on shell tankers. I drive an older car with a small 1.1 engine.
    I can confirm shell v power does improve what little performance my car has.. once the ECU has had time to adjust for the higher octane. The car gets about the same mpg and runs smoother.

  2. I watch Chris Fix but I think since he will not show his face, He is wanted by the law or
    is extremely ugly or dis-figured !! Have you seen his face or anyone ??

  3. Now if someone would make a video where they compare V-power with standard gasoline, scientifically, or at least semi-scientifically, that would be nice. If it's THAT much better, the numbers would show it, wouldn't they?

  4. Very cool experience! As a life long Hoosier, actually attending the Indy 500 & walking the grounds of the IMS is night & day different than just watching on tv.

  5. It was so cool to almost literally stumble onto your car in front of the museum after a long day of fun at the track! Glad you had a great time on race day — it was a great show this year.

  6. Is ChrisFix ever gonna reveal himself?! For goodness sake, he has like 5M subs already…

    Spoiler: Btw, in one of CF videos recently I spotted him having a full beard just like Eric… 😉

  7. All my favorite car youtubers together what a great experience it would have been to share sometime with all you guys, to bad that I'm in Mexico.
    By the way we do have Shell V-Power gas here but we don't get the same quality, in Mexico we get the region 4 version (Latin America), that is a 91 octane fuel and not 93 like in the US.

  8. Never been much of an IndyCar fan, but I have watched the Indy 500 pretty regularly and would love to go someday and meet Bob Jenkins before he’s fully retired. He’s one of the greatest announcers that has ever called a race in my opinion.

  9. I've been a sub for a long time, clear back with your small garage and floor jacks and creepers. I'm very pleased to see how well your Chanel has grown and prospered . A lot of hard work on your part as well as your camera man! The one thing I miss seeing is the pay it forward videos.

  10. Well Eric, if you were trying to make me jealous you have successfully done so!
    Looks as if Chris fx is pretty serious about the whole helmet wearing thing lol

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