Airline Ticket Scam Exposed!

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Scammers are impersonating the airlines! Make sure you have the right number when calling them up or they’re going to make that trip of yours A LOT more expensive.


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  1. Thank you for letting peopel knwo about this. Goggle isnt' alway right. indeed, alway use the offica website numbers. although often said number ar ht bottom of pages instead of in some 'contact us' drop down menu at least that how my bank phone number was. all the wy the bottom

  2. If I hear an Indian accent. I hang up instantly. Not taking any chances. I see these Airlines Executives going infront of Congress soon about this.

  3. It's a good question at what point a predatory business becomes a scam. There's the classic companies that will apply for your ESTA for you, they come up first in Google… but they do provide the service they say they will

  4. This makes me glad that I didn't get ahold of anyone at the end of March 2020 when I had to cancel my flight to see my sick grandma. I don't know what I would have done if I had to call the bank to cancel two transactions for a flight I didn't take.

  5. I work for an airline and get calls daily from customers that have been scammed by these so called agents. What's even worse is these people will call the airline pretending to be the customer and tell us there has been some tragic accident with a family member and ask us to change the reservation with no fare difference and still charge hundreds of dollars to the customer.

  6. As someone who worked in the hospitality industry for several years, this is also common with hotel reservation scams too. They've been increasing like crazy!!!

  7. How to tell if any caller is a scammer: Is the person on the other end of the phone speaking English with an Indian accent? Yes? Congratulations! You've identified a scammer! Now hang up the phone, Fun Fact: most all American corporations which use international customer service call centers abandoned India a decade ago due to rampant corruption, and moved their operations to the Philippines.

  8. One time I received a text message saying I just made a transaction with my WellsFargo debit card which I never did and asked me to call a 1800 number for any questions. I went to WellsFargo website and saw that number as their Customer Service number. When I called that number someone answered and immediately asked me for my Debit Card number. Is it possible that Scammers intercept a bank customer service number. I hung up immediately when they asked me for Debit card number.

  9. I had something similar happen. I called the United Airlines number, went through a bunch of prompts. While waiting to talk to someone the recording said you can send a text to a number, and then do everything through text. I figured that would be quicker than waiting on hold. So I did everything via text. I got charged a change fee, which didn't sound right. Then afterwards checked on line, and my flight wasn't changed. So I called again and was told there was no record of my change, no record of a payment, and there was no fee to change the flight. In my bank the charge appeared as "United". United said it was a fraudulent charge. I disputed it with the bank, and got my money back.

  10. So, did you ever find out if they actually change the reservation and just keep the extra charge, or do they keep the whole shebang?

  11. I would love to see this scam but with the caller asking for a flight to the location where the scammer is with details about the area. See if it spooks them. Sounds like something Perogi and Trilogy might be able to help with lol

  12. A couple of things I noticed about the video. Southwest Airlines doesn’t have a business class, and the Southwest Airlines call center is in San Antonio Texas.

  13. My very tech-savvy and smart wife got scammed like this. We were in a desperate situation where she had lost her ID, and we were trying to get the airline to waive some fees so we could change a flight. She called a fake number that scammed her into paying $75. They then canceled her reservation using the airline website. We ended up spamming the scammers from all the numbers we had access to for days on end, until they got so fed up that they refunded us our money 😄 it was pretty unbelievable, we got money back just because we annoyed them so much. We basically trolled the scammers into paying us back.

  14. Google did that to me once….i don't blame Google but myself for not doing more research and also not realizing how quick i got connected to a real person.

  15. You should share the phone number and ask ppl to call it. Flood them with time wasting calls. Crowd source this. Probably only a nuance and a wasted day or two of business. But still. That's something 😊

  16. About 3 or 4 years ago, a friend of mine wanted to book a flight from TN. to FL. She found this website, Travel Makers/ aka, PCM, and made her reservations for herself and 3 other family members. After a few days of not receiving her confirmation, she called and was told there was a snafu with them and they had to redo them again. After a few more days and still no confirmation, she called again and got a bunch of bull++++. She called the airline and they had no record of it and the representative said the other company was a scam. She rebooked it with the airline and called her credit card company to dispute the charges. Travel Makers called her to ask why and she told them, which they tried to make good on, but she said no and eventually got her money back from the credit card company. I sent a scathing review documenting the entire episode on Trust Pilot, using my email and not hers. They responded by saying they had no record, which was true because of the email change. I believe that review is no longer listed as I just checked and it was too long ago. I warn everyone, read the reviews. There are times when they use the customer representatives first and last name! When has any rep ever given their last name. Also, they are for the most part, glowing 5 star which appear to have been written by the same person. I am going back to write another review, based on what I saw on this video, and personal experience.

  17. The fact that someone can just hangup on you and ghost you instantly is good enough reason for me to NEVER give financial information over the phone!
    They're all so full of BS!
    When I would get the famous call
    "We're calling because based on our records, your cars extended warranty is about to expire"
    So I would tell them I have multiple cars and ask which one this call was in reference to-
    Immediately they'd just hang up on me.
    They Could have publicly available information about cars I've owned so I stopped that line and instead would ask "What records are you referring to? Which warranty is about to expire? Because I don't own a car."
    Then they would just rudely hangup without any explanation revealing their true character.
    They're so nice, friendly and professional sounding as long as they think their facade is intact but the second their story starts crumbling they drop the call like the wimps that they truly are!

  18. They probably do change the tickets to avoid a chargeback later on. The perfect scam is when the victim doesn't even realize they got scammed.

    A variation of this scam is to sell last minute tickets and pay with stolen credit cards. The customer can even fly before the victim see the charges and issue a chargeback. Some airlines even require customers to show the physical card used to book the flight before you board the plane if the transaction looks suspicious.

  19. Really impressed he figured out the name pun. I can't go as far to say I would THAT quickly

  20. the variety of scams that you encounter and engage with is insane. it's wild that there are so many different kinds of scams of all different levels of sophistication. it seems like every nook and cranny of modern life has some insect in it trying to rip people off

  21. I also think I almost fell for an Apple scammer. I called the number, and someone with an accent answered. It was just like a Kitboga video. He said he would call me back, but I couldn't answer as the line was tied up. I told him I would hang up and he could call me back, but he didn't. From now on, I will Google toll-free numbers.

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