Am I scared of visiting Liberia?

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48 thoughts on “Am I scared of visiting Liberia?

  1. Your goals will NEVER happen in large scale anyways , if you know anything about the government here and everywhere is,…that the government don’t give to $itz about its people , you would know that VAX are design to kill and make you sick ….you would know that our government is the biggest scammer out there …and most important you would know countries like Liberia are poor and ran into the dirt for a reason….THEIR GOVERNMENT DID IT TO THEM … and trust me , you nor all the money in the world will rise up that country to be self reliant ….EVERY country that is poor like Liberia is that way be design ….sure you may help a few hundred or 000 , but it will NEVER change , it will always be poor thanks to government. But hey I would still do what up can do ,,,,just don’t ever expect MASSIVE change ,before you understand how they got there and why and how the REAL government truly works behind the scenes

    So to my whole point is …if you ever did just happen to have a billion dollars and was changing the economy for the better over there , just trust me , you would be magically disappear if you get my point . Why do you think bill gates won’t do anything other than poison them with VAX ….sad to say…drugs don’t make you healthy , clean food and water does … PERIOD . do you know how much food we throw out in America ….we alone ,America , could feed the world ….ever wonder why we don’t ? Or teach them how ?? Wake up to the real world ….presidents can’t and don’t change ANYTHING for the better . That’s not what they are for . So sad KillGates will murder half theses people with his new vaxxx for the beer bug of 2019 . Which is all a hoax , viruses are not contagious and germs are nothing but a therory . Research it Mr Scammer guy

    BIGGEST scam of 2019 and of ALL TIME , in front of your face and all the world , and so very few people have figured it out . Why can’t you?!

    All wars are planned and designed for a purpose , as you seen in Liberia , now you know why theses countries are like this

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  3. he's low key shitting on Liberia, a lot of passive jabs smh. I wouldn't doubt if he was hooked up to a lie detector it would undoubtedly reveal he's a racist. This is just an elaborate ploy to boost his youtube ratings.

  4. Partner with me my man. I have to keep the details secret until we reach an agreement. But I have an idea for a YouTube show based in Liberia. I've been in contact with one of the most famous men in Liberia and that idea is amazing. Message me back

  5. How do i order a book? I'm going to put a few jars around the shops where i live and raise some money for By D Grace of GOD …..peace x

  6. Wow! Just Amazing , Binge watched all the videos. You are very creative and funny . Love those mini clips in between the narration , it's hilarious . You seem to have a natural talent and seem to be tailor made for the Camera. Hope to see more of your Youtube videos in the future .

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