Be Careful with “FREE” iPad Offers!

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This is a story about me winning a “FREE” iPad. As you can see, it’s not quite that simple. Be careful with Deal Delivery Gurus or anyone else who randomly tells you that you’ve won a free iPad.

I used to set up the virtual card.


Author: Rafael


41 thoughts on “Be Careful with “FREE” iPad Offers!

  1. Although , I can understand your intentions of offering advice on how to protect ourselves against malicious offers and websites YOU should be more transparent about a sponsored video just trying to sell us another monthly subscription, regardless of the legitimacy of the business you are doing the advertising for, you must be extremely clear that the main purpose of the content of the video is to offer a service / product. And at least for me, that is no right for your audience.

  2. Question: “beats airpods by kim kardashian” cost $199.98 USD and they are the same $9.99 product that you received- would you call that a scam or great marketing? Btw I am in no way condoning any scam or advertising just curious how you or your audience feels. Also congratulations on 1million subs Ben 🙂

  3. I remember the “Free iPod” ads back in the 2000s where you not only had to support and refer people to sites but you’d also get a lot of ad/spyware in the process.

  4. I had got the same scam but it was for a free iphone 14 pro from tmobile I paid the i$ shipping and then look a my credit card charges and they charged me 19.99 . So I thought this was a scam waited for my new phone to arrive wich never happened .luckily I checked my credit card and low and behold there was a new charge of $89.99 I had to cancel my card so the 89.99 dollars was not chared. got lucky I was only out the19.99 dollars.The name of this scammer was the Somaro group .So beware everybody of these scams

  5. It quickly goes from "we choose ten random people every day" to "hurry, supplies are limited". This suggests that they randomly choose more than they have to give away, or it isn't actually random selection. This is a clear and obvious contradiction (red flag) and they are so quick to urge you to do things immediately (red flag).

    What's sad is that there are hundreds of people missing the clear and obvious red flags and recklessly putting in their info desperately hoping for a free iPad.

  6. 11:32 Or you can just get cheap knock-off earphones from eBay without having to worry about fake charges to your credit-card every few minutes afterwards.
    – I got a couple of BlueTooth earphones from eBay for $3-$4. one sounds like garbage (at least for music, for spoken stuff, it's meh enough). The other sounds much better, almost as good as proper earphones, but they knock off the design of Apple's earbuds which are absolute trash ergonomically and keep slipping out of my ears. 😒 The one that sounds bad fits properly and snugly, but it has crapped out many times, I've repaired it half a dozen times. The one that sounds better also has a bloated, bulky, fat control-box. As usual, there's no better one, you have to compromise no matter what. (It might be possible to find better ones for $10-$20, but I can't be arsed; I barely use these two as it is.)

  7. Dude I work for a credit card company and talk about fraud all day. I could tell you some stories. We call these call centers all the time. They never say what company they work for. It's always "press 9 to speak to customer service" and then they answer and just say "thank you for calling customer support". They are so secretive.

  8. My 80 something mother keeps falling for these scams. Fortunately it's not frequent and her card issuer has gotten hip and declines the transactions. Then I have to untangle it and repeat my standard lecture titled: You Never Get Something For Nothing And Nothing Includes Cheap Junk

  9. I'm surprised the earbuds worked! My partner recently got a pair of earbuds off Amazon that where a complete scam. You had to download an App to use the ear buds. 🤔 Extra scammy if you asked me.. thankfully he was able to get a complete refund, but, holy hell, Amazon has been sketchy recently.

  10. Idk where they are, but clear buds or at least something like them can be bo<get at dollar generals or Walmart for around $10 bucks and they are cheaply but they do the job. I had a pair last 6 months before the button on the case broke. (You had to press a button to tell the case to charge the ear buds

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