By d Grace of God – The Movie

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The “By d Grace of God” story took place in Monrovia, Liberia in the summer of 2017. Get a copy of the book and help our mission by visiting:


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40 thoughts on “By d Grace of God – The Movie

  1. Pleasent green, or Bin, or bend over, whatever your true name is, just know, people watching know you have a seat in heaven next to God for the good you have done here on earth. You should walk around with your chest out, because you did more than 1000 people could have done. Your a humble person, which is why that seat is open next to our creator, which is definitely yours!! Your videos are truly amazing, but you as a person, words can't even start to explain how great you are. I wish one day I can be 1/100 as great as you are. I would love to help people like you do, and did. You definitely inspire me to at least try to do something, and thanks for that. God bless you and your family. Houma Louisiana, or if you pull up my IP address is bourg Louisiana, right outside of houma, lol. A down da bayou man is so inspired by ALL your videos. Keep up the amazing work!!

  2. Wow, that shows what a true professional can do. He was able to do all that on what would have been an impossible budget in a developed country. Top marks to the guy.

  3. Ben has a gigantic heart. There's talent in every part of the world. Encouraging this people to enhance their capabilities can and will make the world a better place. The production is incredible, and the story is touching. Thank you!

  4. Wow I just discovered your youtube channel and your content is amazing, most especially the Joel video.
    Thanks Ben for all you do.
    I'm graphic designer I can support you with my services for free.

  5. Ben, THANK YOU for all what you're doing… teaching us how to deal with scammers (you're the only person who speaks about computers who I understand) and helping Africans out not by just sending money but taking the trouble of inspiring and supporting them to make money through creation. Love from Subilang, Bali.

  6. I know it’s a year late but I only just recently discovered your videos. I’m surprised I didn’t find them sooner as I love scamming the scammer-type videos. I like how you take things a step further and try and help former scammers find honest work. Which is why I’m totally adding my comment to this video to help out. (I even sat through the ad break and didn’t skip.)

    Let the film makers know they managed to put together such a nice little film here. =)

  7. Not 1.8 mio viewers, but hey, very beautiful project and in the end a great production. Enjoyed watching it. hope can help you with your CPM to increase as I'm watching from one of those richer countries you were talking about in your prior video.

  8. play Billy much better cleaning it up for that I give it a thumbs up and 10 out of 10 that one was more emotional than the other one but I guess like you said in order to make an omelet they're going to have to break a couple eggs thank you today for doing such a good job and reaching out to Benyou really captured the real soul of the picture maybe you could teach those young people what really is a movie at how is really supposed to be done very good

  9. and what Western Union did really sucked I think this is more of a racist crying that money was sent to Europe and you know what I mean I don't think it was no problem but because it was sent to nations of a Darker race it became a problem but this is just my opinion especially if you've been doing business with them it sounds like more of a racist and really you might have a case it isn't like they didn't know what you were doing guest policy is policy right especially if it means empowering real black people in a nation that really needs help and you're there to help believe it's called Fairtrade market which gives us the ability for people overseas to be able to work generate income so you take your business somewhere else and hope that Bitcoin can assist you

  10. this is truly real remember growing up and never seen my father cry thought that made him strong but what I didn't see was his hidden cheers behind the scenes of a closed-door. and the burdens he took upon himself I'm not letting his children see his sorrows can't imagine crying out and no one is hearing you send my father cry for the very first time cut into Me Like a Knife for the real please of help this man's suffering must have reached the ears of someone who really needed to listen and that was you Pleasant green really keep this short because I'm holding back the tears while watching this film you have my utmost respect

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