120mph T-BONE, Wheelies, INSANE Racing – Import vs Domestic 2022 Highlights

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20,000 fans packed Maryland International Raceway for Import vs Domestic this year, hungry for the action that this event is guaranteed to provide. We saw lots of new records, faster E/T’s than ever before, close races, and of course a few wrecks. You won’t want to miss one second of this action-packed 1hr highlight video!

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38 thoughts on “120mph T-BONE, Wheelies, INSANE Racing – Import vs Domestic 2022 Highlights

  1. Holy sh*t what an insane weekend start to finish, I was absolutely blown away by some of these races. Cheers and happy holidays to all.

  2. Kyle : I've been subbed for a really long time. I love this channel. I would really love to see content being recorded in 4k to really see the action and cars better. I understand equipment like that is hyper expensive along with editing and uploading is insane. But I just wanted to toss that out there as a request.

    Keep up the awesome content brother. It's always entertaining to watch.

  3. I just have to say not your best work you tried to make a one hour video and it didn't work if you made it a three hour video I would have enjoyed it more

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