300 racers take on 1000 mile Rocky Mountain road trip! | Race Week Day 1

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Day 1 of Rocky Mountain Race Week is here! We have an insane amount of racers competing this event, over 300! Today everyone got their first passes in at Kearney Raceway Park. Lots of new faces and new badass cars! As always, we hard some crazy stories of what racers had to do to even get to this event and of course there was a fair share of carnage by the end of the night! Tomorrow is a drive day to Colorado to the beloved Bandimere Speedway! See you all tomorrow for Day 2!

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44 thoughts on “300 racers take on 1000 mile Rocky Mountain road trip! | Race Week Day 1

  1. The Willy’s prerunner is for sale on racedesert for $110k and they’re is an old pfi speed video with it destroying the drive shaft on Brett’s dump!!!

  2. GTR's are ridiculous these days with the power they make. I would love to have the power plant swapped in something else.

  3. Hell yeah & oh no racing with different stuff.😎 You guys should come to Bonneville where you'll find everything from my home built 40ft blown fuel streamliner to cars with bike engines & everything in between.

  4. Them god forsaken turbos are dumb and i hate those LSs…. i don't need any crank position sensor or fuel injection or data logging. I have a real deal 68 and 69 only high nickel 427…. I swear, i'll school them all once i get it to stop catching fire.

  5. To Kyle and team, another great 1320 video, but mostly to Kyle, from a hobby to a full-on business and a great documentary on racing, well done, I can see you have a great future in your 1320 video. Can't wait to see more.

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