Aiden, spoiled? Nahhh #shorts #short #murdernova #streetoutlaws #187customs


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  1. yeah you bought him the car and the parts but he has touched every part of that car and will be able to fix it if something goes wrong, or at least try! he is a great kid that is being taught the right way!

  2. Your only a kid once and if your parents can help out and let you enjoy your childhood, nothing wrong with that. I worked at my family garage starting at 13, summers only though college… but I did get a lot of help too when it came to cars/projects.

  3. Yes you could have just giving your son Aiden any car you had in your fleet but for him urn the car and work on it for him self you'll have more respect for you and the car

  4. Who cares? No one else but you and Mrs. Murder Nova are raising him!
    That's a problem today, folk wants to chip in and comment about folk raising kids. He seems to be happy and healthy. Who cares what the internet warriors think?

  5. My Dad is K.E. Robertson. That man bought me a shell of an S10 and said "You want it, you build it". Was the best thing he ever did. 31 years later and that made me a better person and definitely a better driver because I learned what I was doing and how to fix it when I screwed it up. You are doing great things with Aiden! His smile when he works on the Chevelle is awesome!

  6. Helping him build his car is a real father and son thing he's never gonna forget that special ear you gave him trying to listen to the lifters working right or tuning his carburetor that's what its all about that Bond between you and him awesome job guys God bless you all 👍👍

  7. You are teaching your son morals in life that right there greats lesson a dad give to his son,work hard at learn from it.I remember in video he sold his quad to get that chevelle

  8. My dad always made me figure out what was wrong and fix my vehicles myself. As long as I was playing sports ( which I played all the big 3 ) he would buy what I needed. He would only show me how to fix something if I just couldn’t figure it out and I am thankful for that just wished he was still around. Enjoy every minute Aiden you are blessed!

  9. Man your doing what every gear head father would wanna do for there son if they were able and your making him learn and work and build for himself all dads want there kids to have things and do cool stuff with them i know my son will be learning the same way once old enough, albeit a bit smaller budget but thats ok too

  10. People think if you didn’t work yourself out of homelessness you’re automatically made of daddies money. I could have all the money in the world but sure as hell wish I grew up with a dad that gave a shit like Shawn does. Mine couldn’t give less of a fuck. Haven’t heard from him in years after I cut him off for acting like a nut case. No birthday texts, nothing. You see Shawn get aggravated sometimes but he’s just trying to teach his son things that he’ll use for the rest of his life. I’m just a dumbass YouTube viewer but I can see he’s not spoiled. Keep going your thing Shawn and Phantom, because you’re doing a big thing by teaching these kids and pointing them in the right direction. 187 TTMFF

  11. Even though Sean is your dad Aiden always show your gratitude to your mom and dad, because if not, one day I promise you'll regret it. This time you get to spend with your dad doing what you guys do enjoy them because you have the rest of your life to look back on them for good memories

  12. But hey the best part is to work on a car with ur father I lost my dad when I was ten man I would have loved to restore a car with him but he trust me Aiden u got a Bad ass dad man i cant wait ti see u race farmtruck

  13. He may not be flipping the bill for his own car. But you’re making him learn, teaching him and let’s be honest. If he acted like most of the kids his age. No way in hell you’d be doing this for him.

  14. Spoiled is not the word I wish my dad would have bought me a 70 Chevelle then bought all the parts to go on it motor etc etc I'd say he's extremely spoiled

  15. Shawn dude please never give a flying fuck what anybody has to say in regards to you providing for your boy… Hell I wish I could do the same for mine at your level… I’m slowly getting there😂😂.. Aiden fuck the haters, don’t ever feel guilty for your dad providing for you the way he does champ..

  16. It just disappoints me to see how hard you are on Aiden most of the time. You come down on him for maybe not doing things correctly, when it’s his first time doing it. My father used to do this. Always criticizing me for something I haven’t even done, but my brother did. My dad never let me use his car when I was in school because my brother always broke something when he used it, but yet he wouldn’t let me get my own car. Never went to a prom cause I didn’t have a car. Couldn’t ride with friends cause they couldn’t get laid hauling another couple in the car. I resent my father to this day. I’m 70. Dad’s been gone 25 years. Still don’t miss him much. Treat your kids with respect and they will show you respect. Treat them like 💩, and they’ll never respect you.

  17. My parents told me to save. From 12 years old i saved, and bought my 69 dart for $1,400 when i was 14, almost 15 years old! Then i worked to buy parts to build it! Dad watched and told me how cool it was, and supported me by paying my insurance, and with positive talk!

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