Alaska’s First “Cash Days” was EPIC! (600-1500hp Street Cars)

Alaska Raceway Park is by far our favorite tracks to visit for an amplitude of reasons but this time around, while we were there they held their first big end no prep race! Something we’re quite used to but they’ve never done before this event! We were stoked to see new faces and cars and some familiar ones too. With some great passes and views to top it all off!

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32 thoughts on “Alaska’s First “Cash Days” was EPIC! (600-1500hp Street Cars)

  1. Best view in motorsport? for some other contenders make a trip to Europe over the winter months and visit a few rounds of the Andros Trophy. Ice racing series, in the Alps. Loads of classes circuit racing. Enjoy some amazing settings

  2. Thanks for the video, really liked it. And yeah, variety it´s important. Thanks. PD: for the last part of 2023 and when 2024 comes, try to film more street racing action, both roll racing in the highways and drag racing Cash Days (not just the ones hosted by Limpy, but also by others) and from many different scenes like Detroit, Phoenix (Arizona), California, Texas (like the DFW scene), Kansas, New Orleans (like Da-Pad) and others. I think you guys need to upload more and more street racing stuff. I don´t have nothing against showing other stuff in the channel, but if you want to keep your channel´s essence, you have to keep uploading more street racing stuff. I would really like to see it. Check other YouTube channels like 6Sixty Street, DarkSidePerformance, Phonzeaux (he films the New Orleans Da-Pad street racing scene) to see how to catch important races there. Finally, if you can, film the majority of the driver´s meetings (where they explain things like the rules of the event and who wants to donate to the pot) and the chip draw to make it interesting for all who watches the video. Again, just saying, no offense. Thank you very much. Greetings from Argentina.

  3. Love that 4wd truck 60 foots good and hooks and books. He was sleeping that last race s8 60 footed him and got him to the top end. He was reeling him in tho just not enough surface. S8 aint no joke.

  4. Damn it the OBS slept on the light or Audi would have been on the trailer. That OBS has some heat. I have to say with cars and the efficiency of the races. Alaska's Cash Days has to be the best of them all.

  5. I used to live at the base of the mountain behind the big end in a village called Eklutna. It was great growing up there!!! I've raced there a couple of times on Bikes bought at squeak O'Conner Kawi shop in Anchorage.

  6. Love seeing you guys shoot in the home town. We a bunch of weirdos up there. But for the most part we mean well lol. So cool to see Alaska get some good spotlight.

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