Aussie SKIDS – Wheel Shredding MADNESS!

We’ve been told time and time again, that we NEED to come see how the Aussie’s do it! Every single time we post a burnout finally we had the opportunity to get in on some Aussie Style Skids! This was apparently your average Saturday night finale at Sydney Drag Way.

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Author: Rafael


43 thoughts on “Aussie SKIDS – Wheel Shredding MADNESS!

  1. fBest burnout's in the world are Aussie! Show the fords we actually make build and design our cars the inline 6 only one Ford makes in the world rather than some shitty Buick or an Opel Vauxhall etc the the Ford v8's especially the Falcon since the 70's have been all ours we use and came up with the Winsland or Clevor Cleveland block Windsor heads. Holden use Canadian crate engines. Only country to put a stroked Windsor in a production car in the Au T3 TE50 and TS50 and pursuit 250. And use ESS gearbox using the steering wheel to change gears then we had the First Turbo cars factory with the XR6 Turbo and the F6 Typhoon and Tornado Holden used s Nissan . Our Coyote 5.0 / Miami most powerful in the world the last GTF has around 600hp the Mustang which sucks has 320/330hp and we invented the ute the GT and GTHO the best and most iconic performance series and all Fords made here have the stamped VIN Ford Motor company Australia all holdens.. And the only designed built and make cars the Ford Falcon range. The Crystler charger and pacers. The Mitsubishi Magna and Verada range. And the laylands with the P76 the first Holden built here was the Ve but packed with nth American engines and as Asian elc plus the GTHO was the fastest 4 door car in the world and plus we invented the iconic UTE and holdens not So Australian jingle goes baseball hotdogs apple pie and Chevrolets lmao

  2. I watched so many America vs Australia burnouts and finally the Americans have listened to us. They've come to Australia to see a real burnout

  3. Feel bad for the guys in the video who aren't that experienced but they're smart enough to do it at the right place – don't want people to be discouraged from doing the right thing.

  4. Thanks for coming to Australia guys, you make awesome vids and seem like such great. people it makes watching even more enjoyable. can't wait for the next visit to aus and man those 1320 aussie jumpers are sooooo awesome

  5. LOL! there's no one there… small event!! You need to do PCM or PC.. Shit gets real. Basically 4:54 is what PC/PCM/Summernats is all full of.

  6. looks like you did what I said and come to Australia and see how the aussies do burnouts after putting up the burnout video you first did there.

  7. I've said it many a time before that comparing Aussie "burnouts" to US "burnouts" is a bit silly. This considering Aussie burnouts are really what we in the US wound consider donuts.

    Hell of a show none the less.

  8. speedhunters comes to Australia- complains about traffic laws and judges some stance show;

    1320 comes to Australia- goes to runway races, street races, skids, drives a 750hp R33..

  9. You have to go to Summernats 30 because what you saw there is nothing compared to Summernats. Summernats is where you see the real burnouts and the real STRAYA!!!

  10. Half of the usa people wouldnt do it. Barely get em smoke it up a lil after car shows. And drag strip guys always worried bout breakin shit. But id do it in my 70 olds no doubt

  11. American car shows have too many insurance restrictions, and lawsuit happy spectators. Would love if we could do this in the states!!

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