Avoiding the POLICE while Street Racing (Cops EVERYWHERE)

The police presence is always high in Houston, Mexico but this year it was so bad we basically had to race in front of the them! It was a bittersweet night as it may have been our last time Street Racing on the infamous Texas Streets, but we made the best of it and went out with a bang!

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42 thoughts on “Avoiding the POLICE while Street Racing (Cops EVERYWHERE)

  1. Im thinking most of these four digit HP cars are shop battle cars. Some nice fast cars over there. I had a few friends with high hp street cars. It gets VERY expensive. Many sold their rides to go back to medium modified street car.

  2. Sorry, not sorry but I'm not watching this video, just putting my 2¢ in, won't give watch time to a channel that promotes illegal and dangerous activity that harms the motorsports community. Wouldn't bother me one bit if any of these fools wreck as long as no innocent people are hurt or property is damaged. Hope many tickets were given and cars impounded.

  3. Evo said there is no competition in comie California, let's go where they breed the fastest cars in the country- Texas!! 🏁✌

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