BoostedGT vs Beater Bomb.. BEST TWO OUT OF THREE!

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Beater Bomb and BoostedGT are two of the fastest small tire cars in the country. We’ve been filming these OG’s both on and off the track for over a decade but never before have we gotten a treat like this. A best out of 3 grudge match on Beater Bomb’s unprepped home track.

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47 thoughts on “BoostedGT vs Beater Bomb.. BEST TWO OUT OF THREE!

  1. Boosted is the reason I watched street outlaws, and Chuck actually. Those are the only two that had actual street cars, the rest of the people on that show were pretty fake obviously and always came off as scumbags really. Ryan Martin is a good guy too, and can’t forget Kye also even if those cars are basically pro mods racing street cars.

  2. Jeremy is a awesome dude, Its alittle off topic for you guys but you should see about coming out to some of the mud bogs that get organized from time to time.

  3. God I've been watching beater bomb kill on cash days and street racing for YEARS. back when they always blurred his face and never shared any info on his setup. He was always killing it on the street , just hooked and gone

  4. Fred does a great job as a video crew guy told you I would be watching you on the TV. Seen you at my job the other day. I was rooting for boosted gt. But beater bomb definitely had the advantage at his local drag strip

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