Budget Lotus Evora Pt 13 – Parts Are In!

In this episode we start of with repairing one of the doors that has a large crack in the fiberglass, after that we take arrival of some of our parts and then we break down the price of the new parts and all the money we’ve invested in our project so far.

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01:36 – JPB & MYRNE – Feels Right (ft. Yung Fusion)
04:01 – Unison – Translucent
07:37 – Mysteryos & Ex3ptions – Healing Soul
16:04 – Glude – Breathe
19:20 – Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann – I Remember U (Xilent Remix)
23:02 – Fareoh – Cloud Ten


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41 thoughts on “Budget Lotus Evora Pt 13 – Parts Are In!

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  2. As a 'Brit' (and living in the UK) I am embarrassed at the shoddy service from Lotus. No plans to make any new roof panels for a car only a few years old and sending large fragile and expensive parts, packaged so badly one of them was damaged in transit is a disgrace. All body panels should be readily available and have specific shaped packaging to protect them. Look at how Honda do it.

    That said, I am planning on buying a Lotus, probably an Evora as I think they're superb cars and Chris has my admiration for taking on such a project that most others would simply strip and sell for parts.

  3. The cardboard box was a sacrificial item, a bit like ablative armour

    The layers of fg on the door. I’m lucky to have a vacuum pump. I think I would have covered the fg patch with plastic film stuck down with gaffer tape and vacuumed it to compress it. Good job though.

  4. You probably won't read this but – I work in logistics, 1300 dollars for that long of a pallet from the UK to Oregon – is cheap as fuck.

  5. surprisingly these OEM parts are not that expensive. I tried to get a OEM front lip for a DC5R from Honda, that costs 1600$ NZD..and a set of Recaro seats are 8000$ NZD.

  6. clearly this project is done now, but for anyone doing fiberglass, i learned a TON from "Boatworks today" on youtube, hes obviously a boat builder but he know fiberglass in and out. super helpful guy

  7. That's some pretty mad skills for someone who doesn't do body work. I think that actually caring for what you are doing makes all the difference! I know this is a year old now, but I'm totally digging this series!

  8. I have just found your channel and am really enjoying your show but as an English man I've got to say l was disgusted with the way the new panels were packaged for shipping from here in merry ol England and just hope Lotus refunded some of the shipping costs!
    For $12,000 in shipping l would have at least expected wooden shipping crates.
    Good luck with your show/work and keep em coming. From Andrew, England.

  9. You didn't overreact about the shipping at all. I would have lost my shit if I saw that. There is no excuse for crappy packaging.

  10. Man your already at 48 videos I'm so sad that I've been to busy lately to watch youtube video's but now that I more time so I'm going to catch back up 🙂

  11. If you are using a Dremel with a grinder wheel (4:15) for sure use safety glasses. If the wheel shatters (which they can) those shards were moving at 15-30k rpm and they could definitely do some eye damage.

  12. Don't wait so long for ur body filller to dry. 20 to 30 min is WAY too long. let it dry until u can drag ur fingernail across it without leaving a mark. should be no more than 5 min with the correct mix.

  13. why do you put the larger piece first. I would like to glue the smallest one first to its position, then larger and larger.

  14. I work for Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo here in Portland, OR. We are actually a Lotus dealership and service shop. If you need parts, we may have some old stuff we are trying to get rid of for Evora's. lol.

  15. Not sure why you didn't put the smaller fiberglass pieces into the spot first. I would think it makes more sense to fill the hole from the bottom up.

  16. I just wanted to say that your videos are incredibly well done and informative, thanks for putting good content out here.

  17. sand those head lights down from maybe 600 grit to 2000 grit until even and smooth, spay adhesion promoter, than 2-3 coats of clear and they will be perfect.

  18. Portland Oregon! LOL you are the first Youtuber that I actually live near. I'd love to see this car up close some day 🙂

  19. For the head light wet sand with 600 up to like 1000 and then clear coat it, I did it on my car and it drastically improved them

  20. Since I complained about it so much before. THANKS A BUNCH for having the music and speaking at the same volume. It makes the videos wonderfully more watchable, and we appreciate it. Keep up the awesome work! Can't wait to see what you tackle next. And I don't have to, because I'm a video behind.

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