Budget Lotus Evora Pt 19 – New Wheels & Frame Repair

In this episode we test fit our F1R F27s and then take a million trips to get the tire sensors out of the evora wheels installed on the new wheels along with some new tires. After that we develop a strategy for repairing out front crash bar and get to work.


01:18 – Konac – Home
05:49 – Mysteryos & Ex3ptions – Healing Soul
13:59 – Lastep – Make Yourself
17:32 – Sekai – Cave (ft. Lynz Munich)


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49 thoughts on “Budget Lotus Evora Pt 19 – New Wheels & Frame Repair

  1. I was excited about this build, but you've lost me by not going for new Lotus frame and going for DIY solution on a safety component.

  2. Isn't that by braking off, the aluminium frame rail will have absorbed the shock much more. If it was beefier (or steel) the rail might have not broken off, be less "compressed" by the impact, and so more impact force for the passengers

  3. don't see the point in making two when you only need one stupid to me to cut one off that theres nothing wrong with..o well his funeral.

  4. If Lotus went for 19s on the front and 20s at the back, there was a reason for that. They sort of lead the world in handling. I'd have stuck with OEM rims……….

  5. With steel crash structures and the rest of the car made out of aluminum I have to imagine those would deform much less than the rest of the components in the car and could even be punched through into the passenger compartment. Modern crash structures are designed to deform outside the passenger compartment to absorb the energy of the collision. Drastically changing the rigidity of the materials used drastically changes the way the car absorbs energy.

    Best case scenario the steel absorbs less energy and transmits more to the occupants. Worst case scenario they sheer right off the aluminum mounting points and enter the passenger compartment.

  6. Everyone is talking about him hacking this(I'm not a car guy. This is my first time watching car videos). Is he messing with the structural integrity of the car by adding the steel or are people just mad he's adding to what they mad already?

  7. If you start with a square tire pattern and just upsize all the tires, then handling balance doesn't change. If you have staggered tire sizes, and you go square, then yes, you will change the balance and you'll have more power oversteer.

    The structural adhesive Lotus uses needs to be oven cured. The room temp curing glue you have is not nearly as strong. I know because I asked Henkel.

    Those "pathetic" rails ahead of the suspension absorb energy as they deform in a crash. that's what keeps you alive!

  8. Chris, if you get hit that strong steel is going to transfer almost all the load into the ally which will crumple. The steel extensions will be nice and straight.

  9. such a bad idea man, it's called a crumple zone for a reason, yeah steel frames wouldn't rip apart but they would fuck up the whole car and will not absorb the impact.

  10. Hey man, maybe you should do a project truck and then use it for a company vehicle. Probably could have done it all in one trip instead of 3

  11. B is for bonkers. Stating he knows what he is doing, goes on bashing on the crash crumple construction that allowed the cockpit compartment to stay intact. This work should obviously have been outsourced, hope the car is never sold to an unknowing person at any point in its remaining life.

  12. FYI, if you make the front crash structure/frame rails stronger than the stock configuration you are changing the way the body dissipates energy. In the event of a front end collision the energy will be sent through the new stronger material and deform the center portion of the space frame. Basically if you get into another accident you risk seriously deforming the main structure of the space frame instead of the front cash structure dissipating the energy as Lotus originally engineered the car to do.

  13. This may be redundant but your brake might not clear when the callipers are extended for fresh brake pads.

    Great job, great channel, thanks for sharing.

  14. So let me ask you a question, are you planning on keeping the Evora white, or are you planning on changing the color? I personally like the white, but I would love to see it in a real deep metallic red or blue. What are you thinking?

  15. I love your series, and I've been rooting for you, but this is appalling – I can't believe you went with 20" wheels all around! Lotus is most famous for their car's handling, and you're screwing around with that?? Wrong… I get that you can't afford the factory wheels, but you should respect the factory suspension-engineering. Many of the best-handling mid-engined cars – like the Acura NSX (which benefited from chassis-dynamics engineering from Ayrton Senna!) – have smaller-diameter wheels on the front. This isn't just a 'styling' thang…

  16. You said that some one broke into your BRZ, look at the last evora build episode at 17:27 and you can see some one kind of hiding in the left window. I don't think he broke into your BRZ but it's kind of creepy… Haha

  17. dude, the crumple zone is made to shear and bend, if it doesn't all the force is transferred to the main passenger hub/core where the driver will feel all of the impact.

    also, there are thousands of different steels and thousands of different aluminum, so unless you know the exact material, it is not going to be the same.

  18. yes the alum bent and got mangled up, but thats a good thing it abosrbed the impact, where as if you had steel and it didnt get damaged that much the energy has to go somewhere aka passengers

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