Budget Lotus Evora Pt 23 – Sparco Harness Or OEM Belt?

In this episode I go over the basics of racing harness and seat belt protection, and walk through removing a blown pretensioner from a seatbelt so it can retract again.

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21 thoughts on “Budget Lotus Evora Pt 23 – Sparco Harness Or OEM Belt?

  1. I really love your bulkhead repair, I think it was a great DIY example. Looking forward for new seat belts, new subframe and bags 😉

  2. I know u know evora very well. I have a 2014 evora s. Recently when my car was sitting for a long time had a discharged battery. When I charged the battery on a battery tender, the airbag light comes on and stays on. There r no dealers in my state. The regular session obd2 scanner,clear. Do not work on lotus. Do u have any idea as to where I should look for a solution? Thanks

  3. You can thank Volvo for the three point seat belt. They invented and researched and developed it at great expense and then, gave it to the world. No patents, no fees. Legends. Saved thousands of lives.

  4. Pretensioners do not work in a vacuum.  They are an integral part of the SRS system. A seatbelt will hold you in a car crash no question. In your bit there you obviously don't understand how the SRS and seatbelts work together. The pretensioner are the to pull you back into your seat so that the airbag will be able to do its job. It both works with the airbag to keep you in your seat and prevent injury and because it pulls you back into your seat it keeps you at a distance where the airbag is less likely to cause you injury.
    You definitely need airbags, new seatbelts and pretensioners (you can get rebuilt pretensioners at a good price.) You can't just use one and call it a day.

  5. All seatbelts have issues. 3 point belts tend to cause your body to twist. Some scientists think that this twisting is the major cause of whip lash injury. Seatbelts are a damage limitation device not a damage prevention device!

  6. my friend was a victim of submarining, she needed many surgeries and countless months of rehab, on factory belts that failed on a buick (lap belt separate from shoulder)

  7. Both Schroth and Takata have a street legal 4 point harnesses with ASM (Anti Submarining) tech. DOT approved as well.

    Would highly recommend over the illegal Sparco counterpart.

  8. I had schroth 4 point belts on my 2004 WRX. Honestly, even though I had the letter from them that I could give to the police if they ever pulled me over saying that they were DOT approved, I didn't think they would accept it (it's just a xeroxed letter that looks pretty suspect). Then I'd have to go to court to get out of the ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. Also, even though I knew they had anti-submarineing built-in to the left or right upper harness, it was all taken on faith. So when you're driving around, it's kind of on your mind the whole time.

    The main reason to NOT go with a 4 point harness is if you ever plan to ever adjust the radio or AC while driving. To do so, you have to loosen the shoulder tension so you can lean forward to adjust the radio or AC. Then tighten them back up. It's a real pain in the ass. The nice thing about a spring-loaded OEM belt is that you CAN lean forward and adjust the controls, or just re-adjust your seating position on a long drive. Being strapped in feels cool and is good for the track. But on the street, OEM is best.

    Also, the thing that the pre-tensioner does is it removes the slack that naturally happens with OEM. Often when you lean forward, you'll have a little bit of slack when you sit back. Even an inch or two of that slack can kill you. So the pre-tensioner gets rid of that and cinches up your belt against your body when the collision starts but before your body starts to surge forward. Before these pre-tensioners came out, there was an ad campaign by the DOT that was called, "SLACK KILLS", and it was a set of commercials encouraging people to pull their belts tight often as they drive if they are leaning forward from time to time. I still do it to this day. It was an effective campaign. So I'd highly recommend you do that until you get your pretensioners installed. Otherwise, you'll make contact with the steering wheel and you'll say goodbye to the front of your face and maybe your life.

  9. you're very cautionary, i'll be honest if it were me i'd say "she'll be right" and as long as the seatbelt LOOKS like it worked so i didn't get a fine, i'd be cool with it.

    in saying that i'm a self proclaimed idiot :S

  10. You don't have to buy roto-lock 5 point harnesses, you can buy latch-link 5 points that are used in almost every dirt track car in existence. They're cheap, they're simple, and most importantly they're quick.

  11. in germany, these pretentioner are called "Gurtstraffer" … which translates to something like belt – tightener… so, yeah, basically, what you explained. every car since the 80ies have this device (at least in germany)

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