Budget Lotus Evora Pt 36 – More Paint, More Problems…

In this episode we upgrade our DIY paint booth to have some real ventilation and better lighting and then we get back on to painting… until it all goes tits up B is for Build style..

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01:43 – Catas & Kasger – Blueshift
04:34 – Miza – Rocket
07:53 – Catas & Kasger – Blueshift


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21 thoughts on “Budget Lotus Evora Pt 36 – More Paint, More Problems…

  1. Also invest in anti fisheye just use a testtube in each gallon of paint helps sometime shit gets in the air it helps and works use single stage paint until you learn then do pearls and flames and crazy jobs keep it simple at first painting is the hardest to learn but very rrwarding

  2. When priming or painting use a even stoke the length of car back and forth nice even coats spaying out of control cover but not in form you need nice even straight coats of paint trust me fun is not part of the program just kidding nice even costsyou need to wipe down before painting also no wheel cleaning near because silicone is where fidheuee come from use same primer and paint system use one product one brand you still need a long board no waves use reg Sanders and look down the side of the car after painting see waves in body longboard is the way to go have fun no silicon in shop even in air will fisheye sand out completely reshot are you having fun yet painting is the hardest thing to learn since you.are not listening you need to learn the hard way ten painters and everyone is different what's way do you like to paint read the product sheets and mix paint very well andkeep everything spotless wet floor before shotting help keep down the dust also use water seperators one beforegun and a good one on compressor water will kill a good paint job all it takes is one spot and it a redo

  3. …and I somehow remember somebody saying some 30 episodes ago that the carbon is extremely easy to fix and work with, yeah, I cringed)) But you did a great job, thank you so much to go the full way explaining it all! Love your channel!

  4. Only just watching this today (Apr 2018) so bit late for a timely comment!I have always understood that the correct grit grade to use before priming is no finer than 320, and more commonly 240. 400-600 grade is used to flat the primer before the following base coats. Also looking at the video, there are 'shiny' bits still on the panels, which indicates that that area has not been flatted completely, so will not provide a good 'key' to the following paint coat.

  5. Use Gone degreaser on the panels just before painting. Use proper water traps along the air lines and at the paint gun. Looks like water/oil contamination spraying out the gun.

  6. single stage paint is nice because it's quick, however 2 stage is nice because the paint goes on better and it's more forgiving, and use that with some quick clear and you're good to go with a beautiful shine

  7. You're technique needs serious adjusting. You keep feathering (when it looks like your colouring in with a crayon). Cut in all your edges first then do your passes with consistent overlap adapting to the angle of the panel. The hacking technique you do will be causing all sorts of issues from dry spots to runs just to name a few including the 'dust from airflow' at 07:01 ie dry spots.

  8. Like other people have said, I love seeing the truth of what it takes to do a serious build so I can have a realistic expectations should I ever do a build of my own.

  9. I know its obvious but dont forget to throw a filter over the inlet fan when you get to getting one. Kinda like the ones for house ac units

  10. I really enjoy watching this channel because it has taught me the reality of what it's like to paint your own car. The vision that I had in my head is what is unfolding on this channel and it has helped me not make the same mistakes. Having said that, it's great to see the learning process through the eyes of another person.

  11. Try to come up with an idea that is run off compressed air to protect from explosion until you can get the correct stuff for the booth.

  12. Most paint booths have the inlet fan up high (downdraft) – I think the danger of having that inlet fan on the floor is that it could stir up any dust left on the ground.

  13. It's not like you didn't get anything done, we got to see your learning process with painting and modifying the booth is interesting too

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