Budget Lotus Evora Pt 37 – Paint Is Done!!

In this episode we conclude painting on the Evora.

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00:31 – Levianth & Axol – Remember (feat. The Tech Thieves)
05:32 – Miza – Rocket
10:24 – Jim Yosef – Lights


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49 thoughts on “Budget Lotus Evora Pt 37 – Paint Is Done!!

  1. Overspray also I have a guy Amazon five pin holes in each side. I paid about ,98.00 for gun awsum gun best I've had I had a iwata 400 and this gun is just as good fe Amazon important adamaxation is crazy no orange peal none five pin holes in side of each side of top try it I love mine results are aesum

  2. No, don’t pick the flies out of wet paint. Just let it dry, then when it’s dry you can just brush the body off leaving the legs which sand or polish off no problems.

  3. "How do I get rid of cardboard boxes?" What are you, 7 years old? From seeing your pictures of your house, yard and your previous BRZ tes tdrive where you almost hit the homeless bum, just leave it on your front yard. Either the homeless bums will pick t up for housing materials, or leave it long enough and it will keep all your weeds from growing.

  4. I love that with all the things that have gone wrong with your painting process you never gave up. I know it's a year old now, but the encouragement is real. Almost finished this series!

  5. Hey bud, with regards to taping and painting, after taping, take a shop rag, fold it like 10 times to make a wad of rag, then rub with mild pressure over all the edge of the tape that are fine edges, that will stop the creeping of paint under the tape. Also after each coat ,pull the tape off. This is super important as the paint will create a cut line when you pull it off after the job.
    Also when pulling the tape off of wet or tacky paint, pull the tap back against itself towards the direction of the tape … (if that makes sense) hope it helps.

  6. BOXES: open them up flat and cut/slice them up into smaller manageable pieces that you can pile and tie up.

  7. So you have a heat problem in the garage and a cardboard problem…. Sounds like you need to fab up one of those dual 50 gal steel barrel wood/cardboard burning furnaces!! Look up Wranglerstar here on youtube, he has some older videos of it. With your basic welding knowledge you could get one of those up and running for a couple bucks and heat the place for cheap!

  8. Some realtors will take your packing supplies to give to people about to move. I would contact some local ones and ask if they would like it for any moving clients

  9. "…about a million different blacks. i like digital world where theres only 256^3 which is like 16m" 😉

  10. Also, for booth lighting, to increase the ambient light effectively, shine the light off of the ceiling straight up, i.e. point the light straight up (if you have a white ceiling). That will bounce a nice soft light back down. But you'll also want hard light shining directly on the surface so you can see the shine, or use a handheld strip light to check the shine.

  11. So I don't know if this is a factor with your paint problems on the hatch, but I was watching a Ferrari factory tour and they interviewed the paint guys for a short while. And they said that they couldn't use certain types of deodorants because it would cause problems with the paint. I don't know if that's a factor with your painting, but it might be worthwhile to use a tyvec suit or other similar suit which blocks your sweat and other bodily excretions from landing on the item that you are painting.

    Also, I noticed that you didn't cover your garage door. Maybe there's dust on the horizontal slats that's getting kicked up when the air gun sprays past them.

  12. One possible cause of your fisheye problem is the mis-match of primer and top coat. When you lay paint, you want to have the right primer for the top coat, or there are tons of variables that can give you undesirable finish results (like fisheye). There is no telling the chemical composition of the primer that came on the bumper from Lotus, so I would put the same primer you've been using (I assume same brand as your top coat) on that part. Honestly, I'd love to see you primer every single part you paint. I think you'd be happier with those results.

  13. Man, I commend you for your patience in this paint process, I feel that if this was me I would've chucked the paint gun out the window and shot the compressor down range with a 308 lol

  14. reuse your cardboard boxes I personally uses my part boxes for mix boards, project to do list, sketch pad / template for fabrication. there is always a use for parts boxes till you need them just break them down and put them in your rafters

  15. Fish eyes plague automotive manufactures as well. their fix for them is high grit abrasive on the affected spot and another coat of paint, no other way around it. sweat, oils from your skin, deodorants are the usual culprits.

  16. got a crazy idea, though maybe too late,
    might have been cheaper to patch up the fiberglass panels so they would be cosmeticaly ok, then make a big vacumforming machine out of pegboard and just vacumform some new panels they would be plastic yet identical and smooth ready to prime and paint… just an idea

  17. Hey why don't you try and wrap the other brz and leave this evora white? The paint turned out awesome and you can't test your wrapping skills in a cheaper car

  18. I have an Elise, an Elise that needs some simple bodywork repairs and paint. I was about to hand over £1500 to get the work done but unforeseen circumstances mean Im broke. After watching your videos I'm seriously considering getting the car stored and stripping the clams and body work off and painting them myself at home. I don't have a garage but I do have space to set up a gazebo in the garden. Do you think this could work with heat and ventilation? I've never done anything like this myself but watching you makes me think I should give it a go as the satisfaction of doing the job will be immense!

  19. if you bring the cardboard to a grocery store, they will most likely take them in the back, most stores have a Baylor, that they throw all their cardboard in and then it crushes it and makes 100 of them into one big box. so bring them to like a walmart

  20. seeing that all public services in Murrica paid by tax dollars are to be considered communism I guess the city dosn't set out large containers around town to allow for the public to responsibly get rid of Paper and Cartons and boxes and so on to be recycled!?!? well you could try to make logs out of it:P and burn in your fireplace:P

  21. Hey, I'm wondering, if you are very hot when you paint (I know I am when I paint)
    and what can possibly explain the fish eyes is that you can get minescule droplets of water out of the vent in front of the mask, I have an industrial grade 3M Mask more or less the same as yours, and I've experienced when I used it for extended periods of time that it can get REALLY moist on the inside, and also when breathing out hard theres a lot of "spray" from the mask vent, and seeing that you lean over the panels and pieces a lot I reckon its VERY likely some of the water drops might hit the parts.. just a suggestion to try help you with future paintjobs:)

  22. You could put up a Craigslist ad for the boxes and bubble wrap and just put "free" I'm sure someone will pick them up if they're moving!

  23. Offer it free on craigslist. Someone will need them to move or maybe you have a FBA guy in your area that will need them for shipping. Their definitely a commodity and someone will invariably need some or all of them. You can even curb side them so you can forget about them, they'll disappear soon enough.

  24. I have such fisheyes when I painted my side skirts, too. I think these came from silicone on the surface. the additional use of special silicone remover after the normal cleaning with wax and grease remover have worked for me

  25. just remember to color sand the single stage white and apply a few layers of white wax with a low-speed buffer to get that perfect glassy shine.

  26. I can suggest using the B is For Building slogan and to build Pyrolysis reactor! Thus all of the cardboard and especially the bubble wrap can be converted into fuel. Although i would suggest no using it in evora but in some old carburetted setup or a lawnmover. Octane number being the cause (around 0 octane). You can find all you need in my new favourite Journal – Fuel http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/00162361

    there are plenty of cellulose and lignin conversions as well those for polypropylene.
    B-Bild a fuel source!

  27. if your job is in an office building, most places have a paper/cardboard recycling baler. In fact, a lot of the time, it's a write off, or payment to the company recycling. just take the boxes to work, one or two at a time. it's only illegal dumping if it goes in the dumpster. talk to your boss (if you have one).

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