BUILD SERIES!!! Building Aiden’s Chevelle: Episode 3 Installing Stainless Works Headers and Exhaust

In this third installment of Aiden’s Chevelle build, he and Shawn install Stainless Works headers and full exhaust with X-pipe to help this little 355 SBC breathe! Our friends at Stainless Works NAILED IT on the fitment of this kit! Once the final bolt was tightened, Shawn and Aiden took it down the road to let them pipes sing!. Check it out!

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Author: Rafael


43 thoughts on “BUILD SERIES!!! Building Aiden’s Chevelle: Episode 3 Installing Stainless Works Headers and Exhaust

  1. Watching this with my 12 yr. Old as we build a61 Vega for him that was my Great- Grandmothers……father's and sons w/hotrods…..nothing better!

  2. I’m not sure if Aidan is a quiet kid in general, but he really doesn’t show much enthusiasm or appreciation knowing that his dad has just bought him a $2000 exhaust system and all he wants in return is for him to learn. If I was him I would be jumping around the shop in happiness. My dad helped me out for MOT and got me full KYB suspension and springs and I am 23 years old and new parts bring so much joy. I hope it hits Aidan the same way too because it’s hard to see it.

  3. You forgot to put anti-seize on header bolts ! Back do it right. I’m sorry I’m 2 months late, but l just found this channel. You didn’t update my viewing schedule. Tell what you didn’t, back up fix it.

  4. My son started out working on cars together 30 years ago and he has worked his way up to a 2500 h.p. Camaro. He knows more about cars now then I ever did. In fact Sean, you and him have chatted back and forth on line lately. His name is Corey. Enjoy your time with your son, He will be grown with his own family before you know it.

  5. That chevelle is a bad bitch for a street car but i mean look who is wrenching on it lol one the luckiest kids on the planet right here and he knows it when pops lays into that loud pedal lol 😆 that has got to be the best damn feeling there is and give him good reason to be a damn good kid so pops doesn't keep the car lol my dad did something similar but he did end up keeping it and it just made me resent him and then it gave me the drive to go out and buy/build something even better so I could drive it over there and show him that I did it on my own and he didn't have to give me nothing lol i had the cash to buy a 305 monte ss absolutely minttt when I was 18 but he told me no that it was too much car for me so now I own a rwd 5sp Sierra lowered with a supercharged 6.0L in it (650+rwhp) and a 6.2L yukon denali and I've owned numerous cars that would walk all over that car he never gave me… rest in peace old man ✌ made me who I am today

  6. HELL YEAH, just ordered my bolt on/ factory connect catback set for my 08 6.2L yukon denali they can thank you for selling it lol I had ordered a $500 MBRP system off ebay and they sent me the wrong damn exhaust and their instructions called for me to cut my oem pipe off so I was screwed once it was cut and the exhaust didn't fit smdh

  7. In Australia you don't get your learners licence until 17yo, you aren't allowed a V8 you aren't allow a turbo and you aren't allowed anything other than stock What a lucky kid to have such a father

  8. Shawn, great job on the ole Chevelle. Where did you guy get the motor again? I am in Amarillo and it sounds like just what for my 77 2 door skylark. Nice job brother. Y’all keep it up.

  9. Little fyi I prolly made those tubes. A lot of people order exhaust tubes from a company called united stainless, bout 35 min from where I live and used to work. They do everything from exhaust to dart farmer tubes to pharmaceutical pipes. Made in good ole USA

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