Building Our First Carbon Fiber Part for the Huracan

In today’s episode were experimenting with building a carbon fiber hood.
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I also wanna give a shout out to the Street Banditos, if you wanna learn some awesome DIY carbon fiber skills, check out their channel here:

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33 thoughts on “Building Our First Carbon Fiber Part for the Huracan

  1. Hello. very interesting to see your blog. there is a lot to learn for me who has never cast any of the carbon fiber dishes -the first layer of carbon fiber and cut the edges fine. Is it not possible to re-lay the subject over the armor to still keep the correct shape of the web made of carbon fiber? 2) if I then would build a scoop on the new hood, it is then smarter to build the armor first, and after full drought, and then drill holes for the scoop to glue it on from the inside. what do you think is wise thank you in advance 👁️👁️

  2. um… everything else ive seen from this channel seemed pretty decent. what the hell was this lol? youre on youtube… you know theres a million vids on how to make a mould and then use vacuum infusion to create a perfect copy right?

    1/10 for effort on this video…

  3. How come you guys did not ask help from someone with more experience. I mean, you did so many mistakes here and also with the door ….
    Next time, talk to people first. Even we did not do that many mistakes. We knew the basics.

  4. If you want some very durable clear coat checkout aviation grade high solids clear, all the major paint manufacturers offer it for the most part but my favorites are PPG’s aviation clear and Du Ponts aviation high solids. I can’t remember their technical branding at the moment but it’s worth looking into. Some of it is incredibly hard to sand though, drys like concrete lol but it’s Skydrol resistant which is impressive.

  5. Hello

    we are top 1 guys when conversation go about Lamborghini parts. Can you just please explain me what you tryed here to do? as step 1. you not done mold 2. you not wrapped .. did not understood what u just did in 21 minute..

  6. Could you have not just ordered the body parts to a lamborghini instead of spending 130k+ and months of rebuilding the entire car only to use the exterior pieces?

  7. Next time you use resin, cut in the corners and deep spots, then roll the rest on, or else you get those leveling issues like you had. Also, you want to uv cure resin, whenever possible, for at least 48 hours. The way you let it cure, is a minimum of 1 week cure time.

  8. I totally dig the fact that hes super honest about going to youtube for tutorials. I do the same everytime I have questions about how to do something mechanically. I call it YouTube university. And he drops a plug to the channels. Bad ass 🤘🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Reading comments is kind of an art form. There are those who actually know something. There are those who think they do because they watched a video. And then there are trolls, posting as soon as the vid drops hoping to get the likes and the 'top comment' spot. I'm sure Chris knows who's who too.

  10. the gel is just for seperaton then the carbon fiber is like fiberglass close to same fiberglass cloth is a mat just like fiber carbon easy to use but carbon much stronger then do bottom and mold together good thing is carbon strong and you can use small pieces to put them together watch he did a better like1963;splits window the name is tip of my tongue he's short tattoos and has a son Ryan I think I'll think of it let you no I'm getting older to many fumes memory gone

  11. You have to try to learn…… but you should of spent some more time understanding composites before you went forward with this video.

  12. Clear example of to much money and no idea…learn to make a simple interior panel or trim piece.
    Nope tries to make a full hurrican Carbon body even professional shops would struggle with.
    Watch this channel for the simple reason of how not to build cars.

  13. I would have made a wood and clay boundary, hot my PVA mold release then laid my carbon fiber mat. I would then stick it into my vacumm bag and pull a vacum works so much better. Go to RCgroups and view the vacum bagging parts how to!

  14. Chelsea!!!!!!
    PLEASE get just one person that knows what they are doing when it comes to mold making to help your boy PLEASE!!!!
    This is killing me 😳
    1) Get a Tyvek paper suit and gloves.
    2) Use more coats of wax. Forget PVA. Your finish will be 100% better. YOU DONT NEED PVA. All the imperfections you can see in the surface, even after you just spray the PVA will be in your mold surface. Use 3 cloths, wax on, wax off and then a clean polish cloth. We use to use 10 coats of wax in our difficult edged molds.
    3) Get some 3” wide thin sheet metal strips and duct tape/silicone to the door edge to form a good wide flat lip to vac off of. Wax edge fully.
    4) Use a fluffy 3-4” inch wide “nook and cranny” roller to apply the resin onto the cloth, (not a paint brush) Much faster. Gives you more time to work on the important things before it goes off.
    5) Use a Proper solid steel mini roller to roll out your cloth after you put on the resin. It pushes out the air and forms the cloth into the edges.
    6) Reinforce your mold with Balsa Core or Foam Core! To help it keep the correct shape.

    When Chris is laying back in the hotel room gushing about how great it was to meet Mickey Mouse face to face, would be a good time to suggest he gets someone to help him with this phase of the build.

    Have a great time in Disney Land guys,
    Cheers 🍻🍷😃

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