Building The Worlds Craziest Overlanding Camper Truck – Winches, Generators, & Solar!

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Huge thanks to Harbor Freight for hooking us up with all the accessories!
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35 thoughts on “Building The Worlds Craziest Overlanding Camper Truck – Winches, Generators, & Solar!

  1. While you were asking for critiques the camera was having focus issues (3:30 mark). Also, just after that (4:20 mark) you had something on the bottom center of the lens. The time lapse (5:25 mark) looked much better than it has been. At the (6:34 mark) your hand is very out o focus. I'm not sure if you're using auto focus and it's bad or you were using manual focus on a shot with changing focus depth but either way it looks horrible. BTW I'm saying all of this only because you asked. Learning a new camera is a real PITA usually.

  2. The “fog” lights are perfectly legal to run any light mounted at the same plane or lower then oem headlight is viewed as a “fog light” is my understanding of the law at least in the state of New York.

  3. Too be honest, i think the light bar would look better on that angled surface right above the windshield.

    But still the build is looking fun

  4. With the solar panels on the front of the camper at an angle, they're probably only going to work effectively when you make the camper face the sun.

    Not sure if that was the intended goal (they WILL work better than if they were on the roof), but it means they'll be at a disadvantage in every other scenario. Was wondering if this was known.

    Definitely not an expert on this, so would love to hear someone more knowledgeable chime in, but I figure that them being on the roof of the camper would at least ensure higher average coverage than front angled?

  5. Fun thing with solar panels for me lately, we found a 300 watt panel and bought it for precisely 3 dollars. It only needs some clear epoxy repair to the shattered glass top but otherwise it still puts out its full 48 volts under direct sunlight. Basically, including the 10 bucks of epoxy and 10 more bucks in hardware to facilitate the repair, we saved like 90% or more on the price! It pays to be able to check if the solar cells are intact on a damaged panel, that way you get buy one for super cheap, cheaply repair it and have a panel only slightly less efficient for far less money despite the time investment and use of floor space to fix it.

  6. 3:35 some parts of this video look a bit dark but the one big thing for quality you can do is film and upload in 4k. Youtube has a strong compression algo and 1080p video looks a lot worse than it should, so much so that using 4k on a 1080p display is noticeably better. Slowmo guys talk about this problem all the time feel free to test it out yourself. Especially for bits like this where you're talking to the camera, the image pretty fuzzy and soft when in reality.

  7. Hi. Any news on your Boat or it’s dead now, it’s summer time bro. Let’s do it and yes you can.

  8. I would consider something like a Bunch of Ecoflow (or similar) battery modules chained together for the power solution, since they can sort of automagically charge from solar, 12v (truck accessory) and 120v(generator) sources. LTT has made a video on a similar solution in the past ( ). Also those panels are not that high power output for their size (take a look at some LG or Sunpower models for the best ones) and I think they are gonna get damaged super duper fast being on that leading edge.

  9. Holy smokes that is a lot of watts for just gaming pcs.

    If the generators are too noisy/you want to carry less generator(s):
    Just get some good midrange pcs, like amd 6600 XTs gpus with amd 7600 (non-x) cpus and each system will use like 300w.
    Even rtx 4070 with all the fps you can desire could be ~350w each.
    Just use a psu calculator to figure it out with the parts.

    or if you tore apart some gaming laptops, you could probably even run on your planned big battery for hours of gaming without a noisy generator.

  10. The magnetic lights are a good idea but white light will attract bugs. You want orange light to reduce bug attraction. Also make sure your battery powered accessories are rechargeable. Carrying spare batteries for accessories is annoying and more weight.

  11. 1080p you must be having a giraffe👌🏻🤷‍♂️👌🏻

    I’m only messing mate, looks good! I’ve been here since the wintery build in the back yard, with the BRZ first rendition 😂👌🏻💪🏻❤️

  12. THIS is going to be one cool ride… I want one. You gonna sell it any time in the future? I absolutely love the updated front end and all the goodies it looks like you'll be adding.

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