Cleetus Mcfarland’s ENTIRE Collection.. Over 100 vehicles! (1320Garages | Ep 5)

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This episode of 1320Garages takes us to the land of the free, to Cleetus McFarland’s Florida properties where we get to dive in and see every single vehicle that’s currently in his possession at his house, the Freedom Factory, and his shop… From Leroy and Mullet to his STIHL leaf blower, Cleetus didn’t skip a single thing!

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37 thoughts on “Cleetus Mcfarland’s ENTIRE Collection.. Over 100 vehicles! (1320Garages | Ep 5)

  1. What is that next door to the Freedom Factory at 10:58?
    At first I thought it looked like solar panels, then up close looks more like greenhouses.
    My eyes ain't that good so I'm still not sure what I'm looking at.
    I thought the drag strip next door had their shutoff area down that way… I'm sooo confused! Gonna have to get down there and visit to put it all in perspective.
    At the moment it seems if you can't stop your drag car you will end up tearing thru whatever that is just west (I think?) of Freedom Factory pits.

  2. Wow. Super cool collection quite a lot of different stuff I love it. The 360 turn mower/like 70 crown Vic’s/you got some beautifully built engines,love the Scooby-Doo Van as well. I can’t wait to build up some vehicles. The Ariel too is really cool just because you don’t really see them on the street ever. Really cool and I love the skeleton vet that thing like a race go car vet. Super wild keep doing your insane cool builds love to see it

  3. I just watched Coopers podcast with Garza Cleetus n JH who, now just finished this next a month of freedom video, best 3hrs of my life!

  4. It's easy to get jealous with these kinds of videos, but with Cleet it's all love. Can't ask for a better guy to build what he's built. Love him

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