Cleetus & Mullet go DOMINATION MODE at WCF 2022!!

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After Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals 2021 where Cleetus and Mullet didn’t qualify for eliminations, they are back for redemption. With a lot more power and a several mid 6 second passes under their belt, Cleetus and the team were confident that Mullet has what it takes to push through the rounds this year.

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37 thoughts on “Cleetus & Mullet go DOMINATION MODE at WCF 2022!!

  1. The view from inside that last Starlet, ya think ya moving, and then Mullet is like a land based Millenium Falcon going to Hyperspace, just plain gone,……

  2. Такая шляпа 😂, насколько нужно быть бестолковым чтобы при такой конструкции поставить мотор спереди , а потом надеяться на какой-то результат , букварь походу в школе скурил🤣

  3. Leroy 2.0 is 100% a new car, the only thing carried over from the last iteration is the tub and its cage. With how little testing they've done on it, the fact that it was doing 1.1s through the 60 is pretty damn good (until WCF of course), they're gonna run into teething issues, most notably those shocks. Seeing what they were doing at the Friday street car shootout at Bradenton, there's something amiss with those shocks. It was hooking and booking, and now it won't even stick the 1-2 shift. Another month or two of solid testing and dialing in on the spare engine, then stick that bad dog engine back in with some new rods, and let Leroy eat.
    As for Mullet, well, there ain't no more that needs be said about that car. Its a 3500 pound street car on 315 radials and its doing mid-6s with ease. That Steve Morris big block is making some steam for sure

  4. Cleetus has really reignited motor sports. So many people have found interest in it since his YT channel and his cleetus and cars events. You're definitely doing it for Dale brother

  5. I've watched this World Cup from 4 different perspectives now, gets better every time. What a year ol' Cleeter has had… here's to an even better 2023. ✌🇦🇺

  6. I would love to see 1320video @ Brainerd International Raceway. Maybe 1320video has been and I've missed the content. They've got a lot to offer Top fuel, Street legal drags, IWA watercross, superbike racing, etc!

  7. The real winners hear all those Puerto Rican guys that are running rotaries sorry Cletus I’m a big fan but you know you can’t fuck with the Puerto Ricans when it comes to driving us Toyota starlet with rotaries and the old Mazda’s

  8. Man if only cars could talk…
    Imagine a story of being born as a modest base model El Camino and being transformed in to one of the fastest street cars in the entire World!

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