Door flies off at 200mph, Trans EXPLOSION, side by side 6’s, +MORE! | Sick Week Day 2

Day 2 of Sick Week is what drag and drives are all about! Tons of people getting their cars figured out and making killer passes! The C4 Corvette from Sweden made a killer pass but had their door rip off of their car on the top end! Many others are in even worse situations like Chad in his stick shift C6. His transmission literally EXPLODED. All the highs and lows of a drag and drive are definitely highlighted in this video!

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41 thoughts on “Door flies off at 200mph, Trans EXPLOSION, side by side 6’s, +MORE! | Sick Week Day 2

  1. Hey 1320, maybe u guys can make content about recers coming from outside the US, like the cost and process on how they went from country of origin going inside the US

  2. Hey this message is from Fred do u know who ur talking to in the white fox body Devon Vanderhoof so Fred I’m not going to tell you who Devon is but that guys like the king of Holley efi on YouTube

  3. Is it Gustafson ( sorry for butchering his name ) the sweed in the C4. What a legend

    All the sweed' s for that matter.

    Thanks for getting me hell addicted to Drag and Drive events like Drag Week, RMRW etc and drag racing in general

  4. I would love to see a race series like this where when you make a pass, you have to do so with the trailer and everything that you brought. Nothing left in the pit.

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