48 thoughts on “Dyno Testing a $400 ELECTRIC TURBO! Funniest Car Part EVER!

  1. Would you consider 0220611_U; 0248478_U, both from Spain, both patents, utility models, expired?
    One is a fixed blades vane inducing swirl in intake duct mix, they placed it after carburetor, but not the spinning type, that takes out power; the other is a heat inter-changer heating fuel counter current with liquid from cooling circuit, to have it better vaporized, for sure 'vapor lock' is an actual danger in concept. Blessings +

  2. First let me say, I'm sure that SC is crap. But you know darn well it shouldn't be on anything larger that a 2.0l. Come on, lab coats and no thought to flow dynamics

  3. I would be curious about the effect on a small 1L 3-cylinder engine. …no way was that little thing going to move enough air for that V8.

  4. 167 to the ground that thing has to be sick I know they didn't make a lot of horsepower in the early 90s but it should have been making close to 200 at the wheels you need to put the twin turbo package from the Cobalt on this and find out why it ain't running right in the first place it should make more than that

  5. I have a Mazda Protege 1.6, weighted down with 3 amps and two heavy ass 12" subs and a heavy ass custom built box lol. It's like 75WHP stock? Think two of these bad boys would make the car get out of it's own way again? I have almost unlimited power on my electrical system, over 300Ah of AGM's plus the starting battery. Seems these electric units lose boost due to voltage drop, which would NOT be an issue in my car lol. Such a small engine, wouldn't it be more beneficial percentage wise than with a larger engine?

  6. Duh, put the LITTLE turbo on a LITTLE engine. Put it on a 1200 Datsun or 1.0 Metro Swift – something that is only 50 HP. TIP: to be similar to the old ball drive Paxton, you will need STARTER SIZED CURRENT to produce the 10's of HP required. So if it doesn't come with battery cable sized cables, don't even think about it. AND If it doesn't have a brushless motor – it's a joke.

  7. you keep playing I'll keep watching… .by the way I'M "VOLVETTE 1" from broocklyn n.y. swopped motors in 1990 went from 140 hp to 460 hp B.K. east 17 like what you doing good luck !

  8. hey guys…not trying to be a wise guy or anything but they think there's a chance that maybe you reversed the polarity? well looks like it's back to the "boring Droid" ..good luck …great try I'm very impressed !!
    Yeehaw party at my horse ! C U LLAAAAAAAAAATER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  9. I thought after the first pull it probably was intended for a 4 cylinder engine in a rice burner rather than a V8 4.6L. The poster depictions were all 4 cylinder engines so I'd say do it again in a 4 cylinder.

  10. it is impossible to run a electric super charger that will produce power from a 12 volt system on a car you would need a alternator the size of the engine its just mathematically impossible. you need kilowatts not watts to move the kind of air you need . maybe if you drive a battery delivery truck you could pull it off hahaha

  11. I actually calculated that is produces 60litres per second, whereas 3.3 litre 6 cyl engine suckes 110l/s at 4000rpm. Thus maximum engine volume must be below 1.6 to gain any power boost.

  12. MAD MAX 2 could have been such a different movie with this mounted on his Intercepter 🀣🀭

    Or should we say Intercepted!!

    Shot and killed during the opening scene πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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